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There's just under a month now to go until the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 centrepiece that is Captain America: Civil War releases, and the marketing train isn't slowing its brakes any as we approach release, with the fifth TV spot snippet being released a few days back.

There's not a huge amount in the new spot that we hadn't seen before, aside from Captain America (Chris Evans) throwing down with Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) giving Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) a stern warning. Check it out below if you haven't seen it already!

Alright so, there is a moment in the TV spot which solidly affirms something we noticed in other pieces of footage we've seen from Civil War and, like most other things from the trailer, it concerns the post-amnesic Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

When the Super Bowl TV spot dropped back in February it featured plenty of Bucky, but also hinted towards a darker plot. From the moment where he tries to shoot Tony upside his head (rude), to the opening itself wherein Steve finds the Winter Soldier strapped into a very suspicious looking piece of machinery. A very Hydra looking piece of machinery...

Oh dear. This first sparked speculation about the possibility that Bucky could've been recaptured by Hydra, but then the second trailer dropped and changed everything.

The second feature length trailer seemed to suggest that it could be the US government, or indeed Tony Stark himself holding Bucky prisoner. The moment where Tony unexpectedly punches Steve in the face quite clearly takes place in the same chamber we saw the Winter Soldier held in during the TV spot, and see again throughout the new trailer.

Ever since the first trailer landed we knew that Bucky was going to be a major tension point which contributed to the cracking apart of the Avengers team, and the first trailer set up Bucky and Steve versus the government as the authorities came after the Winter Soldier for a crime he may not have committed.

So could it be that Bucky is being held not by Hydra, but by the American government? There is a precedent for a superhero containment facility being used as the Civil War comic book features a holding establishment called Prison 42 in the Negative Zone, used by Team Iron Man to contain the non-registered superheroes they captured. Whilst it's pretty unlikely that we'll see the Negative Zone brought into play in Civil War it does look like the aforementioned scene could take place in a holding facility along those lines.

There's a shot in the trailer where we see a huge structure rising out from the sea, which recalls the floating Raft (Spider-Island) from the Marvel Comics, a super prison located off the coast of New York.

It's entirely possible that - following the epic fight we see between Black Panther and Winter Soldier - that Bucky is apprehended by the government and sent to the Raft.

This is supported by the fact that when Steve and Tony have their punch up Tony tells him "you just started a war", suggesting that Steve's refusal to let Team Iron Man keep his friend locked up is what really throws all the shit onto the fan.

And then of course the new TV spot showed what we'd suspected for a while: Bucky Barnes being arrested whilst Steve looks on.

But by whom is he being apprehended? Clearly it's not Team Iron Man as in these scenes (which appear to take place in an underground garage of sorts) there's no other superheroes present apart from Black Panther, who appears to be going after Bucky on his own agenda (initially anyway).

We later see Martin Freeman's government liaison Everett Ross, and Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter showing up to confiscate Steve's shield and Falcon's wings, presumably this takes place after Bucky is arrested as punishment for Steve trying to protect his friend.

This does seem to suggest that it is the US government sticking their noses in, but obviously it's tricky to work out the continuity from the trailers, so we can't say for sure.

One thing is for sure though, Bucky is going to be front and centre as tensions explode, but can he make it out of this one after the events of The Winter Soldier? We'll find out when Civil War releases next month

'Captain America: Civil War' hits theatres May 6, 2016. Whose side are you on?


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