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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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When the circumstances of a case are largely unknown, imaginations are left to wander... Or is it imagination? Is it not possible that, given this great and mysterious world of ours, there are things beyond our understanding; things that stem from murky, paranormal roots?

If you have an incurable interest in the odd and unexplained, then check out The Darkness. This is one movie that doesn't shy away from the things hiding just out of sight; rather, it chooses instead to look straight at the weird phenomena that terrify us in the darkness...

While you're waiting for The Darkness to lead you through the nebulous terrors beyond our ken, read about these bizarre incidents so strange and horrifying, they simply must be paranormal...

My Heart Will Go On

My bloody Valentine...
My bloody Valentine...

A heated argument between South Carolina couple Terry Cottle and his wife Cheryl ended horribly — Terry took his own life, firing a .22-caliber handgun into his brain. Terry was only 33 years old, but his death gave another person the chance to live; his heart was donated to 57-year-old Sonny Graham, who had been awaiting a healthy organ to save him from a life-threatening heart condition.

Here, the story gets weird. Sonny wrote to then-28-year-old Cheryl to thank her for her husband's organ donation, then the two met — and instantly fell in love. Sonny described their first encounter:

''I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.''

However, this tale does not have a happy ending. A few years after Sonny and Cheryl were married, they had a terrible argument, culminating in Sonny killing himself with his gun. He loved and died in exactly the same way as his heart donor.

A Supernatural Explanation? Rather than the more standard idea of reincarnation, Graham's heart seemed to keep something of its original owner, Cottle. If a heart beats within a system long enough, does it become irretrievably bonded with the body it leaves behind? The love — albeit of a rather twisted kind — that Cottle had for his wife continued to influence the man who received his heart in a way that no scientific explanation has proved possible, and yet the facts remain. Coincidence? Or proof of the supernatural?

Up In Smoke

A mysterious case of SHC, 1964.
A mysterious case of SHC, 1964.

On December 22, 2010, a concerned neighbor went outside to check on the home of Michael Faherty of Galway, Ireland. With the fire alarm sounding loudly and smoke pouring from the house, the neighbor had no choice but to wake locals and call the authorities.

A forensic team searched Faherty's home and found something strange: The fire was entirely localized to his body, with the rest of the home unscathed. No accelerant was found, nor the usual traces of fire damage: origin points, scorch marks or materials used to begin the blaze. A doctor on the scene said:

"This fire was thoroughly investigated and I'm left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation."

A Supernatural Explanation? Many scientific theories have been put forward to rationalize spontaneous human combustion. A high level of acetone in the blood, caused by alcoholism or diabetes, is commonly noted as a factor, but this still requires an external spark to start the fire. There's nothing to suggest a human being can create a flame without any external source, so perhaps there's another answer at hand. As Mystic Investigations has it:

In the world of the supernatural the most common cause of SHC is a malfunction in the latent Psychokinetic Psionic powers found among the Junk DNA in all humans. In particular those encompassing fire manipulations powers that include Pyrokinesis.

Monozygotic Mirroring

Who isn't a little creeped out by twins?
Who isn't a little creeped out by twins?

Even the least superstitious among us usually feel something unseen exists between twins that the rest of us are not privy to. This idea manifested dramatically in 2002, when two very odd road accidents were reported:

Two twin brothers, seventy years of age, died just hours apart, in separate accidents, on the same road. Not only that but the circumstances surrounding the deaths were exactly the same. They were both riding their bikes across the road and both were hit by a truck.
The second brother who got hit had no idea that his brother had just been killed on the road, as the police had not notified family members of the death yet. Police officers stated that the road is busy, but is not known to be an accident-prone street. It seems that twins are not just genetically connected but can also be connected in death.

A Supernatural Explanation? How, apart from the wildest of coincidences, could these twins have been struck down on the same day, in the same manner? Even the most rational mind is usually a little unsettled by the bond between twins, particularly their apparent capacity for telepathy. On this topic, Paranormal says it best:

Although a telepathic connection between twins is not universal ... it is common enough to serve as some of the best evidence for the reality of telepathy among humans.

'The Darkness' hits theaters on May 13. Are you brave enough to venture into the unknown?

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