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Virtual Reality is certain to play a major part in the future of video games. Over the past five years, we have watched in ore as companies like Oculus Rift, HTC and Valve have progressed this once unfathomable technology. Now, Virtual Reality gaming sits at the forefront of the video games revolution.

Technology is finally starting to catch up with the imagination of those talented developers, meaning that more and more incredible gaming concepts are now able to come to fruition. VR is not only found in gaming, it is utilised in many other sectors including the likes of the military, hospitals, and the professional sports industry but, for real, there is no better use that I can see for it right now than shooting zombies in the face.

This latest video created by Reddit user Linknewtab, captures the moment a pack of ravenous zombies launch an attack on our duel wielding protagonist. The game is being played on Valves latest VR equipment. The video is edited to showcase the zombie element.

The snippet of zombie thwarting awesomeness above was part of a larger showcase that saw the players immersed in a multitude of different worlds. Players were able to swim with giant whales, make bacon (yup), play mini-golf, trek across the Alps to pick out but a few of the amazing things displayed in the video. Take a look at this inedible looking system.

The future is looking bright for gaming. The technology we have available to us today is allowing for some truly out of this world experiences to be crafted. Who knows what the industry will look like next year let alone ten years from now. What a great time to be a gamer!

Are you ready for the future?

Source: Linknewtab


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