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Thomas Marsula

This is something of a interesting note since Zootopia's release. And that's how much different the metaphor or representation of gay characters has changed recently. In the past a lot of people noted how the majority of villains had overtones that represent how someone who was gay was seen as. There was perhaps one or two exceptions to this at the time. Lion Kings Timon and Pumba come to mind and that's about it.

However Disney's recent two movies Frozen and Zootopia show something different. There was a quick cameo of a character that some writers say and based on the quick image claimed he was gay. Instead of wearing bright colors or being extremely vibrant like villains of the past this character had none of this going on. Then there is Zootopia.

There is a quick scene that could easily be missed. There are two rams that pass by Judy's apartment and they seem to argue something as they pass by. Once they enter the room they start "ramming." It took a while for me to notice that those characters were both male and the amplification was they were, yes having sex. Again the characters don't share the same cliches as previous preppy villains.

With this shift it would be interesting to see another shift with a gay character as the lead. If it's anything like Zootopia than the character will have clear faults much like protagonist of the movie. It would then highlight the strength of the character. The character wouldn't have fall into the old gay cliches. At this point it would fall under some type of cliche but at the end of the day it would hopefully balance out.


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