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If you're a die-hard fan of any celebrity, you can imagine how amazing it must feel like when one day, out of the blue, they retweet you, or answer your comment, or reblog your post. You thought their fame made them inaccessible, and then boom, they're here on the internet and they're talking to YOU.

But not all celebrities will make the effort to notice their fans, which is quite understandable when you guess how many messages they must be getting everyday. So those who do take the time to sift through the declarations of love and answer them individually should really be celebrated for listening to their fans and making their day with just a little retweet.

These five singers are probably among the best at reciprocating the love on social media, so if you count yourself a fan and are hoping to get noticed, you're in luck!

1. Ariana Grande

Twitter  @ArianaGrande
Twitter @ArianaGrande

Ariana Grande's Twitter is a big cauldron of love brewing endless retweets and hearts and I love you toos that have never stopped despite her skyrocketing career. She really is one of the sweetest singers around!

2. One Direction's Harry Styles

Twitter  @Harry_Styles
Twitter @Harry_Styles

All of One Direction are really nice to their fans, and you can tell just by taking a look at Harry Styles' Twitter: can there be a better birthday present than getting wishes from your favorite singer on the planet? We bet Sarah went to heaven and back.

3. Justin Bieber

Twitter  @justinbieber
Twitter @justinbieber

Although Justin Bieber recently announced he'd take a break from meet-and-greets because it was too emotionally draining for him, it doesn't mean he's going to ignore his fans on social media.

4. Demi Lovato

Twitter  @ddlovato
Twitter @ddlovato

Demi Lovato will stay up late at night to try to answer everyone, so if you have a question for her, you should definitely get it out there! Her messages are filled with genuine love and she's clearly the best at encouraging her fans.

5. Taylor Swift

Twitter  @taylorswift13
Twitter @taylorswift13

The queen of fan interaction online is Taylor Swift. From Twitter to Instagram to Tumblr, the singer is so sweet with the whole community that sometimes you have to wonder if she's the fan. She's known for getting her fans amazing presents — looking up someone's tastes and hobbies online to get them a personalized present is a thing she totally does — and she just dedicated her last music video for "New Romantics" to them!

Have you ever been noticed by a celebrity on social media?


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