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A story of a short-sighted grandmother seen praying to a statue of a video game character is one of those things that we really shouldn’t laugh at but we still do. Yup, we are all going to hell.

The lady from Shanghai apparently mistook a statue of an iconic video game character from League of Legends as Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese warrior who is famed for his bravery and heroism during the Eastern Han dynasty.

The statue of League of Legends character Garen was situated outside of a gaming café in the city. The woman knelt before Garen lit up some incense and began to pray. Onlookers watched in disbelief as the woman went about her religious ritual.

According to those at the café, they didn’t want to interrupt the ritual and believed that the information may upset the lady upon true realisation of the situation. The decision was to let her conclude her prayers in peace.

“As long as your beliefs are sincere, then the true god will help you.” – Witness (anon)

A fair statement given by the onlookers. All joking aside for a second, belief is what carries dreams at the end of the day and at that time the woman was in her mind praying to Guan Yu. Still, Specsavers can put a stop to this type of thing.

To be fair, Garen and Guan Yu do look quite similar – let's hope that Garen was generous in his blessing.

Have you ever done anything embarrassing like this?

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