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I am a fan of the OG Game Boy. I love its the heft, the tinny quality of its speakers, and, most of all, I love its games. So if there was ever an excuse for whipping this bad boy out of its comfortable spot in my cupboard, believe me I'd jump at it.

Alas my G-Boy is busted, so now the prospect of the Game Boy Zero has sent my head into a little whirl. YouTuber and modder extraordinaire wermy's GB Zero is basically a Game Boy's crust with a Raspberry Pi Zero mini-computer filling, which, when combined, become the coolest little piece of tech you'll see this weekend.

Game Boy Zero
Game Boy Zero

The GBZ's facade has been modified dramatically, drafting in two buttons from an old NES controller to function as the console's X & Y buttons. The two middle screws at the back of the device have been removed, making space for two makeshift shoulder buttons.

Where the contrast wheel used to be now lives a mini-HDMI for TV connectivity, and where the external connector port used to be now lives a USB port, so you can connect a keyboard, or what not, to the tiny device.


Inside the GBZ lives a lithium battery pack (which means see ya later AA!) and a USB hub, where the device's Bluetooth dongle lives, and controls for the brightness and contrast of the screen.

And the unit's iconic dot matrix display has been replaced by a 3.5 inch color composite display that looks pretty damn brilliant. Check it out in the detailed video below from 2:31 on:

As for the games, this is where the unit gets even cooler. An SD to Micro SD adapter has been modified to work within a custom cartridge, meaning Emulator Station and the Raspberry Pi will be able to read all info stored on an SD card. So you could store hundreds of games in the little box of joy.

This is an incredible mod, and would be a great way of giving an old friend a new lease of life. If you're interested in giving this build a go yourself, there's a great tutorial floating about on Imgur. So go get modding!

What did you make of that?

(Source: Sploid, wermy/YouTube)


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