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Rely on Horror recently interviewed Richard Rouse, the director, designer and writer of upcoming cultish chiller The Church in the Darkness. But, although TCITD looks like it's shaping up nicely, we're more interested in a (particularly terrifying) project from Rouse's dark past. Namely, the PS2 psychological horror franchise The Suffering.

Though graphically crude by today's standards, The Suffering made quite an impact upon release, captivating players with its intensely graphic violence and novel perspective mechanic, allowing you to switch between third and first person view.

But, alas, following its 2005 sequel the franchise went off grid...only to reappear in the video game periphery 11 years later. Rouse, at least, now seems keen on the prospect of resurrecting The Suffering, though needs to tie up the rights first:

I haven’t done a ton of research into this, but it’s my understanding Warner Bros acquired the rights when they bought a bunch of Midway assets. So who knows if a new game can ever happen.
But if the circumstances were right and I felt we were able to make a good game that lived up to the legacy of the series, I would definitely be up for doing another game in the franchise.

Good news for all you masochists out there: you may be suffering all over again if Rouse has his way.

Do you want to play The Suffering 3?

[Source: RelyOnHorror]


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