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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

In one of my previous post I talked about how time travel might be the reason behind all the Star Wars spin-offs that are happening. Some of them make plausible sense. Now this other time travel theory that I thought up after having a conversation with Ricardo Du Toit was really interesting.

My theory is what if they do something that was done in Futurama, where Fry goes back in time, only to discover that he is his own grandpa? But instead of Fry, it is Ben Solo who finds out that he is his own GREAT Grandpa?

This would debunk all the theories of Darth Vader's father being these guys:

Qui-Gon Jinn



"Good... Good!"
"Good... Good!"

Darth Plagueis

What do you think? Is Ben Solo his own Great Grandpa? let me know in the comments below!


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