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Titles and Descriptions of Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 to Episode 40 have been revealed.



I am going to use the translations done by ‘Herms’.

Ep. 38 title: ‘Universe 6’s mightiest warrior! Meet the assassin Hit!!’


It’s a martial art tournament between universe 6 and 7, with earth hanging in the balance. Vegeta’s final opponent is Hit, the strongest man in universe 6. Hit is so laid-back it’s terrifying, and seeing this Vegeta realizes he must be strong. In fact, Hit is renowned as the greatest assassin in Universe 6...

Okay we already saw this episode title and the trailer of episode 38. In short Vegeta faces and has a hard time keeping up. Because Hit’s fighting style is absolutely unique and no one seems to be able to figure it out.

There are 2 versions of the episode 39 titles and descriptions

Version 1:

Ep 39 title: “A fully developed ‘Time-Skip’ counterattack!? Is it coming!? Goku’s new technique! “

Vegeta squares off against hit using his super saiyan blue form, but Hit uses his ‘Time-Skip’ technique to repeatedly attack Vegeta where it hurts, knocking him out cold. Trying to figure out the trick behind Hit’s ‘Time-skip’, son Goku likewise challenges him in his super saiyan blue form.

Version 2: ‘ Hit Improves, Goku declines’ ( provisional title)

Hit has the ability to skip time ahead just one tenth of a second. Goku counters this ‘Time-Skip’ by predicting what will happen 0.1 seconds later, but Hit continues to improve as the battle wears on. And so Goku busts out/ breaks the seal of Kaio-ken and fires a kamehameha.

So the titles of episode 39 reveals quite a lot. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta gets defeated by Hit. Hit uses his ‘Time-Skip’ technique to go 0.1 seconds ahead of time. Though 0.1 second might not sound too much; it did make a lot of difference. He kept going ahead of time and kept hurting Vegeta at his weak points till he was knocked out cold. Then according to the previously stated sequence Goku fights Hit next. Goku after trying to figure out the ‘Time-Skip’ move for a while finally figures out a way to counter it. Goku counters ‘Time-Skip’ by predicting what will happen next. Now here’s an interesting part that says ‘ Goku busts out/ breaks the seal of Kaio-ken and fires a Kamehameha! A kaio-ken?

Could this mean that Goku will use Kaio-ken while he is on his god form? This would be awesome man!

Just few days back someone asked me how would you prefer Goku to die next time. And I told him I would like to use Kaio-ken times 100 or something like that while he is on his god form. So, Goku will temporarily become massively powerful and untouchable but will after a while explode and die.

I know nothing like that might happen but there’s a good possibility that Goku will use the kaio-ken move while he is in his god form. And maybe Kaio-ken wouldn’t damage his body like before because of the god form. Goku probably used Super Kaio-ken once against Pikkon. So let’s wait and see how it will turn out.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 40: “The Conclusion “

The tournament against universe 6 for the fate of the earth has finally come to a close. Furious at Hit and his teammates for losing, Champa tries to destroy them. As Cabba and others is Frozen in terror, someone enters the ring...

That is in whatever way Universe 7 is the winner of the tournament. And it looks like Goku defeated Hit. But then again the defeat can come in any manner maybe Hit himself forfeited the match or broke some rules. The thing is Champa got absolutely pissed off and tries to destroy his own fighters. At that moment someone enters the ring. And that someone is probably Monaka and Monaka might get pissed of because his meditation got interefered. But then again what difference can Monaka make when The God Of Destruction is in a rage mode. Unless Monaka is a god from another universe and its also possible. Since they are aiming to intoroduce another new universe!

To know exactly what happened we will have to wait till the 24 th of April. As that is the day Episode 40 will come out.

So guys what do you think about all these?

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