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It's been a long dedicating 10 years, since Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now Final Fantansy XV, was announced.

Living through the fantasies Square Enix had given us prior weren't a waste. From the start of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, which included 'Final Fantasy XIII', part-2, Lightings Return (part-3) and 'Final Fantasy Type-0', Square Enix has finally given a date of release for 'Final Fantasy XV'. It takes place in a modern-day earth setting. For those who have never played any game of the series, this is certainly a new take on it. The usual transportation would be on the backs of Chocobo's, a large, ostrich size bird, most notable as yellow. This time, you're able to drive in a vehicle. The game will have the same world-wide, free running exploration as many of its predecessors. But with the technology and time placed within this game, we'll see a day-to-night systematic environment. One day in gameplay, equals one hour in real time. A dynamic weather system, showing the effects it'll have on the characters. How lack of sleep decreases the combat ability, while you'll experience the level of strength altering from various enemies/monsters. I see why they've taken their time. It seems to be paying off well, in the long-run.

In just five months it will hit shelves, introducing the story of a prince named Noctis and his companions. As we wait, experience the five-episode anime produced by Square Enix and A-1 Pictures, Brotherhood. These stories will display in details, the backstories of the main members. Meet Prompto, Gladiolus, Noctis, and Ignis.

The gameplay resembles those of the Kingdom Hearts series and Typo-O (Agito).

In the past, Final Fantasy's fighting techniques were controlled through menu interfaces. "Attack", "Defend", "Magic", and "Item" were some of the main options. While you choose, the enemy had chances to attack you. The gameplay this time allows you to fight freely. In the demo granted with the Playstation 4 release of Type-0, we got to experience the change. There's no integrated scene from casually roaming and entering a fight. A few games before, had the screen fade into their preparation for action. Or even load. You simply enter battle if you don't avoid the gauge that appears on the screen, warning you of possible danger. The game includes parrying, combo partnered moves, blocking, which uses MP (Magic Points) and the ability to pull up the menu in order to change the actions and commands whilst in battle. They've even kept "summoning" around. This allows the player Noctis, to summon monsters called Archaeans. The few known so far in Final Fantasy XV are, Ramuh, Leviathan and Titan. Yet, there are more such as, Shiva, Behemoth and Ifrit, just to name a few. Their appearance could be landscaping, as much as the creature's shown here.

Square Enix held an event at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium, where six thousand fans showed up to hear things from Kinda Funny co-founders Greg Miller and Tim Gettys. They later unveiled an animated prequel named Brotherhood, a 3D tie-in movie called Kingsglaive and a real-life FFXV-styled Audi R8.

Actors Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones) each have roles in Kingsglaive. This games' preview hit 3 years ago and things went wild. Below, is one of the many beauties that were given.

This has been a long time coming, journey. I'm certainly glad it's near its end. Before you go, check out the amazing trailer released for this spectacular game, featuring Florence And the Machines. It packs an emotional drive.

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Final Fantasy XV releases September 30, 2016 for its home platform, Playstation 4 and its new shelter, Xbox One.


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