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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Good news, folks. Horror game Ghost Theory has headed back to Kickstarter, and this time it's brought along some pretty damn unsettling pre-alpha footage to sate the beast in our bellies. And I tell you what, it's shaping up to be something pretty bloody spectacular.

Indie developer Dreadlock's Ghost Theory is a single player adventure game that puts your in the boots of an unnamed paranormal investigator. You'll travel to various real haunted locations, painstakingly rendered in-game, and, using a multitude of ghost hunting gadgets and special abilities, will attempt to decipher why the hauntings are occurring. Whilst avoiding or sending any pissy ghosts back from whence they came.

Most refreshingly, the open world explore 'em up won't be going out of its way to actively end your protagonist, quite the opposite. The spirits of the dead will harass our hero, raising their stress level which will, after a while, literally scare the sorry sleuth to death. So remember to use stealth willingly.

"Perfect for a child"
"Perfect for a child"

And in another unsurprising development, the game will now be heading to VR headsets, as Dreadlock built the game with the technology in mind. So Ghost Theory will be fully optimized for your Oculus or Vive headsets.

Get over to Ghost Theory's Kickstarter for more info, and to back it of course.


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