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Vitmor Steinfeld

This Thursday, Bella Thorne went to the beach with her older sister Dani Thorne, and she accidentally flashed her nipples while on the water, due to her tiny but beautiful crop top, and the lack of a bra.

She was wearing a flowered crop top and a combining skirt.

One thing we all agree on, she has a great taste in what she wears.

She stayed on the beach with her sister, and have you noticed how mutch they look-a-like?

While there they even had the time to greet a fan who came running to them and taking pictures.

Moving on. For most of the day, Bella only showed some major underboob, without revealing to mutch, for most of the day.

The ONE time she revealed to mutch, was when she saw a beautiful seashell, and of course she had to pick it up.

Did you catch it? If you didn't look again.

A little later they left the beach, but those photos don't matter do they?

Here's a video of her having fun with her sister.


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