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C'mon People, Know Your Games!

For starters if you don't know what Hyrule Warriors: Legends is then start with the trailer because you probably live under a rock.

We all know that anything that has to do with Link is pretty freaking great! You can't help but get excited about games like Hyrule Warriors: Legends especially since you can take this on the go! There are a very few exceptions for crappy Zelda games like Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. (Oh god, don't let me get into that "game!")

Okay, Okay, but What's So Great About Hyrule Warriors: Legends?

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is not only an absolutely beautiful game, but it also is super addicting. Imagine Dynasty Warriors and Zelda mixed together. Crazy combos, tons of characters, thousands of enemies, bosses, customizable weapons, power-ups, level-ups, and much more makes this game insane! Another awesome perk of this games is that you can switch between any of the main characters that are in battle with you.

Why Hyrule Warriors: Legends Over the Hyrule Warriors Game on the WiiU?

I will be admitting the fact that it is easier to play, and that it looks a lot better on the WiiU, but that's kind of obvious. The reason why you should get it on either both or just on the 3DS is as follows. If you decide to get it on both then know that you can link the games between both systems! The 3DS version however has tons of DLC packed in it which is full of extras and characters like Toon Link, Skull Kid, Linkle, Tetra, King Daphnes, Medli, and Marin. You also have a new "My Fairy" mode where you can get fairies and make them grow stronger with you in "Adventure Mode." The mode also lets players customize their Fairies' appearance and costumes called "Fairy Wear." The best part of it all though is the fact you can take this literally anywhere! Battle hordes of monsters while your mom is taking you to your dentist appointment, fight epic bosses at work and potentially get fired, or even customize your cute little fairy while you are at your best friends birthday party! (Please don't do any of that!)

So many feels, am I right?
So many feels, am I right?

In Conclusion An Overall Score 9/10!

The only reason I have any distaste for this game would be the fact that the battles do take quite a long time sometimes, and the fact that your main fairy sounds so annoying! Other than that this is an amazing title and you need to get it for the 3DS! Thank you for reading and get to draining you wallet on this game!!! Ciao!


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