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Going with Hollywood's conventional wisdom, a movie which grossed $100 million domestic and a decent $270 million overseas on a $175 million budget, doesn't get green lighted for a sequel but by setting a rare exception Edge Of Tomorrow is now officially heading towards a sequel. Call it Tom Cruise' bargaining power or Warner Bros new plan to focus on franchise films more, but its happening. And its Awesome!

According to Deadline, Warner Bros has officially hired Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse (the duo wrote Jesse Owens biopic Race) to write the script for the sequel. And Christopher McQuarrie, whom Cruise pitched his Edge of Tomorrow 2 story idea to along with Doug Liman back in 2015, was lined up to direct it.

McQuarrie has previously said that he will be attached with the project but with which role is still to be known. He is keen to let Liman direct the sequel as he tweeted:

And if you ask me 'there is no edge without Cruise' as he and Emily Blunt were the highlight of the movie aside from its content. Emily Blunt nailed the role of Rita a.k.a Full Metal Bitch. There is still no word whether they will return or not but i can bet they will.


Are u ready for Edge Of Tomorrow 2?


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