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After a couple of stand alone eps we are back to the core story for this season - How to vanquish Amara while freeing Cas from the possession of Lucifer. It starts with Crowley finding another 'Hand of God' weapon, which is necessary to smite the bitch Amara. This one is 'The Horn of Joshua', and Crowley brings it to the boys with a tantalizing deal - he gives up the Horn, they gank Amara. But his payment is that Lucifer gets put back in the cage, so Crowley can get back to being the King of Hell. Easy peasy, right? Nope. The boys want Amara killed, but they also want Cas freed from Lucifer's possession. Ain't gonna be easy folks, because Lucifer needs a vessel, and that vessel is Cas. The other fly in the ointment? Rowena the witch (Crowley's mum) is needed to open the cage -and Lucifer snapped her neck like a chicken wing awhile back- ouch! My head hurts now.

Just when you think you know what's going on here you get bitch-slapped. Turns out Ro ISN'T dead - she implanted a little magic spell into her to body to resurrect herself in the event she gets killed. My question is, if they can bring back everybody on this show at their whim, then why can't we get Bobby back for good?

Ro is playing both sides, as witches do, and is now in hiding, healing Amara from an angel attack. She's riding the hot horse right now, but don't expect that to continue.

Casifer decides it would be a great idea to go back to Heaven and convince the angels to back his play to kill Amara. Needless to say the angels are fearful and distrusting of 'ol Casifer. Just then Amara decides to test her powers and sends an explosive 'hello' to heaven, kinda blowing the joint up real good. The angels, who look like terrified interns for Naomi Campbell, now reluctantly agree to ride Casifer in this race.

Amara tasks Ro with spying on the boys to see what plan they come up with. Ro does just that, but instead of dime-ing out the boys she keeps it to herself, deciding that this would be a good time to switch horses again.

The boys summon Casifer, trap him in a circle of holy fire, and detail the plan, but he's not feeling it - he just wants the horn so he can do it all himself. Cas surfaces for a hot second, but Dean-o doesn't have the chance to tell Cas to expel Lucifer. Crowley does a Hail Mary and slides into Casifer's noggin, hoping to convince Cas to expel Lucifer. In the brain room he finds Cas just content to watch some tube and let Luc do his thing. Now Luc shows up and he bounces Crowley's head off of pretty much everything in the room. Crowley sends a message to the boys to exorcise him from Casifer before he gets offed.

The boys complete the exorcism. but the holy fire trapping Casifer also peters out. Casifer takes the horn and decides it's time to end Sam and Dean, so he pushes them against the wall and does all sorts of gnarly things to their insides. But before he can get that done, guess who shows up? Yup, Amara. She was tracking Ro because, as we all know, you just can't trust a witch.

Casifer blasts Amara with the Horn, things get all glowy, but it's a dud. Nothing happens. Turns out you have to be 'God's chosen' for the weapon to work, and since God sent Lucifer to Hell it would follow that he's not so much a chosen one. Oh well.

Amara frees the boys (she does have a connection to Dean after all), and kidnaps Casifer. He tries to talk his way out of the tight spot he's in, but Amara decides that the best course is to torture Lucifer, hoping to bring the G man (God for those without a program) out of hiding. Then she can finally have it out with her bro once and for all - oh, and then destroy the world and stuff.

Will we finally see G dawg after all these years? And if we do, who will they cast for the role? Should be verrry interesting!

I liked the ep - it was good to get all hands on deck for a good old fashioned Supernatural knockdown - drag out battle. And Misha Collins is clearly having a ball playing Lucifer - kudos to him!

Line of the Night:

Lucifer: 'He who hesitates, disintegrates'.


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