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Is American Idol really over? It may seem so. Before revealing the "final" Idol, Fox gave us quite a show. Anyone you could possibly remember and love from the show was back. They also let ex judge Kara Dioguardi sing for some reason. That odd part aside, it was a great "finale." Ok, why am I SO sure that Idol isn't really over? Allow me to explain:

1. The Documentary

On Tuesday the 5th, Fox aired a documentary type presentation about the history of American Idol. Some of the Idols were interviewed, but most of the dialog came from producers of the show, both past and present. A couple of these producers expressed thoughts on the fact that the show has changed a lot, but the original format could still be very popular. One of them, I believe the Fox executive, said that the show is so good that it can't really end. They said that the show would have to come back, but probably with a new name or a slightly new form. I didn't really notice any of that because it's very possible that they were just trying to stay positive, considering that a staple of our culture is ending, but then something happened at the finale...

2. The Final Scene

The finale ended with a slow pan out from the stage and all of the lights going out. Ryan Seacrest says, "Goodnight America," the lights go out, AND THEN RYAN SAYS, "for now." WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, SEACREST!? You've got some explainin' to do! What do they know, that we don't?

My Guess, For Whatever It's Worth

Idol's ratings really haven't been that bad this season and I didn't really understand the cancellation. I mean it is on Fox, who love to cancel things for the fun of it. But it still seemed so sudden. Lately, Idol has dramatically changed from what it was originally, and that has affected its ratings a little. Could this cancelation be a way to clear the slate? I think so. I think Idol left temporarily so that it can come back in its original form. Remember Simon and Paula fighting? Simon's absolutely obliterating critiques? Bad auditions? And truly horrendous group weeks? I think we can expect all of that to return. Idol left, it seems, so they would have some time to get their act back together, and so America would have some time to miss them.

When and if they return, what will the show include? Here are some of the must-haves that the show drifted away from:

Bad Auditions

Remember that part of the show that drew us all back in every season? Lately they've tried to show us every good audition. That doesn't work. I want to see two failures, so that the one success feels that much more earned!

New 'Old' Judges

If American Idol does come back, don't expect more pansy judges like J.Lo, Keith, and Harry. Don't get me wrong, they're great, but you can't have a panel of only Paulas. That's just boring. So, who would judge?

  • One Simon: A mean and blatantly honest judge (preferably with an accent).
  • One Paula: Someone like J.Lo or Keith who endlessly praises everyone and clashes with the Simon.
  • One Randy: Someone who isn't famous or well-known but is firm, fair, and tries to quell the drama between the Simon and the Paula.
  • AND One Kelly: Kelly Clarkson proved that she is the perfect Idol judge this season. She was honest and funny, while looking at the contestants from the point of view of a previous contestant.

(Why did they wait until the end to have Kelly as a judge!?!? I could say it was a trial run for a new series, but that would border on conspiracy theory, so I'll believe it, but keep it to myself.)

Consistent Format

American Idol's format changed almost every year since Simon left. That was confusing! They tried to blend Idol and the Voice, it seems — which didn't work. Stick with the original! I don't like change!

Two Shows A Week

It was so suspenseful back in the day, waiting A WHOLE FREAKING HOUR TO SEE WHO GOT KICKED! I loved it! The results show was SO GOOD! They played evil little games with the contestants, having them choose groups of their fellow competitors that they believe went through to the next round, and other such crazy British mind games. You've got to love British mind games!

The Simple Truth

Yes, we can theorize and wish all we want, but for now Idol is over. That may be sad, but at least we have 15 years worth of talented artists, with huge libraries of music to enjoy. Let's all go crank some Kelly Clarkson, and remember those Idol moments that we enjoyed the most.

What was your favorite Idol moment?

(Mine was pants on the ground. Check it out below kids, it will change your life!) Tell us in the comments!


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