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Netflix has recently gained popularity with their influx of original content and the increase of available streaming content. However, for everyone who has had Netflix since it was $7.99 a month is about to see an increase in their monthly bill.

Netflix increased their monthly fee from $7.99 to $9.99 back in May 2014, but they allowed any existing customers to remain at the $7.99 rate. However, the streaming and DVD service is about to end the promo for any "grandfathered" subscribers starting in May 2016. For anyone who has subscribed to Netflix after the price increased to $9.99 in May 2014 will not see an increase in their monthly bill. The 4-screen + HD plan will also remain to be $11.99 per month.

This now puts Netflix out above Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime for everyone as far as cost goes. Hulu is still $7.99 a month ($95 a year) while Amazon Prime equals out to about $8.25 a month ($99 a year). Netflix is now just shy of $120 a year. I just checked my account and it says my guaranteed $7.99 price is guaranteed through May 9, 2016. So if a $2 increase per month is going to break the bank for you, I would suggest watching everything you possibly can prior to May 9th.


Is $9.99 a month unreasonable for Netflix?


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