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Just when you thought Star Wars was about to fade out of your mind the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped and now I am excited all over again so today I’m going to give my review, analysis and predictions of the trailer.

Rogue One's story referenced in A New Hope.
Rogue One's story referenced in A New Hope.

Rogue 1, to give you some context and in case you didn’t know, takes place between Episode’s III and IV and will tell the story of the rebel spies who stole the Death Star plans that kick off all of the events in Episode IV.

Jyn Erso
Jyn Erso

The trailer opens on a our new heroine, Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones), who is being lead by a rebel soldier, who is wearing an awesome costume that matches the soldiers from the opening scene of Episode IV.

She is in hand cuffs and while she’s walking we hear her rap sheet being read:

"Forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, resisting arrest."

What interesting about the rap sheet is that it sounds like they are all offenses against the Imperial forces, but are being read to her in a somewhat condescending tone by what appears to be Rebel forces so you'd think they’d be happy about it?

"I rebel." -Jyn Erso
"I rebel." -Jyn Erso

Either way I love her response: This is a rebellion isnt it? I rebel.

What she means is, she is rebellious by nature, and doesn't take sides. She's rebellious the way a teenager is rebellious, not like how the Rebel Alliance wants to take down the Empire.

This makes Jyn a grey character, which is new for Star Wars, as most characters are very decidedly good or bad. My guess is that her lack of allegiance to anyone or anything will be put to the test throughout the movie and by the end she will have to take a side.

Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma

During the voice over we also get to see a familiar face, Mon Mothma, who reveals that yet again our hero is an orphan.

I love how they still have those big clear flat panel light board things all around - like in the 80’s they were supposed to look really futuristic, but now they just look Star-Warsy.

Off to the side we see a guy who kinda looks like a discount Poe Dameron. We get a lot of shots like this through out the trailer, just a quick 1 sec look at different characters. My guess is that, unless they are obviously members of the Empire, these will be Jyn's eventual teammates.

Moving on we get to see Jyn baton slaps a couple of classic 80’s looking stormtroopers before some big explosion goes off. The stormtroopers, just like the rebel guard we saw earlier, look awesome. You can really tell they were trying to recreate the feeling on Episode IV.

Seeing Jyn fight also brings up another groundbreaking aspect of this movie, that she is not force sensitive. Every Star Wars movie to date has revolved around Jedi and force users, so I can't wait to see how they handle a hero who doesn't use the force or a light saber. (Not that I'm not hoping for a certain heavy breathing, Sith Lord to make an appearance..)


Maybe the coolest part of the whole trailer is the next scene, just a stark white star destroyer and a giant shadow moving behind it that zooms out to reveal the final piece of the Death Star moving into place.

I love how white the Star Destroyer is, it really emphasizes how much power the Empire has. They have faced not opposition and if they have it's been pointless, their war ships don't even have scratches on them.

Back at Jyn's briefing she agree's to take some mission with a very resentful, "Yes Sir." Which echoes her lack of allegiance to anything, she agrees to help, but it sounds like only because the Rebels are forcing her to.

Next we get a few more character introductions starting with look who I’m guessing will be the main villain of the movie who is sporting a ridiculous white cape. Then a shot of Forrest Whittaker's character and yet another new crazy looking storm trooper.

In the Star Wars Legends Universe (non-canon), this white military dress would indicate he is a "Grand Admiral," but as of yet his title is unconfirmed.

Forrest Wittaker looks freaking awesome and his character has a voice over for the rest of the trailer. His character's name has not yet been revealed, but we do know he'll be a bounty hunter and based on what he's saying I'm guessing he will also be a teammate and/or mentor of Jyn's.

The stormtrooper looks pretty badass as well, but then so did Captain Phasma and we all know how she turned out. Good luck stormtrooper, good luck.

Daredevil meets Star Wars
Daredevil meets Star Wars

Moving on we meet another assumed team member, in the form of a guy beating the crap out of some storm troopers with a stick.

At first I wasn't sure if he was fighting them or training them, I mean if he's an enemy why aren't they shooting at him? Either way he proves how worthless their armor is.. I mean c’mon guys Its already embarrassing your armor doesn't protect you from blaster shots but a stick??

Anyway upon closer inspection I think he IS fighting them AND.. I think he’s blind! Nobody is shooting at him because they are trying to figure out how a blind guy wandered onto the battlefield.. oh well their mistake.

Seriously, If you look at his eyes in the follow up fight scene they are closed the whole time - BLIND!

"May the power protect you, always." -Zordon
"May the power protect you, always." -Zordon

A few scenes later we get to possibly my next favorite scene, a dark hood kneeling before a Zordon tube surrounded by Imperial guards.

Imperial guards HAS to mean we get to see the emperor right? I really hope so, but maybe the bigger question is, WILL WE SEE DARTH VADER? He doesn't wear a hood so I don't think that's him in this image kneeling before the tube, but he has to be around right? How could he not be there for the construction of the Death Star??
(Also if you watch the video I posted above I'm pretty sure you can hear him breathing right at this scene, its subtle, but I swear it's there!)

The Mocking Jay! .... I mean Jyn!
The Mocking Jay! .... I mean Jyn!

The trailer finishes off with a crazy looking guy fleeing an explosion (calling him a teammate!), Jyn charging into battle on foot vs some AT-AT's (with.. batons?), and finally Jyn wearing a tie fighter pilot uniform with some personal custimazations.

And thats the play by play, but what I think is the most revealing of all is the VO by Forrest Whittacker during the 2nd half of the trailer:

What will you do when they catch you
What will you do if they break you?
If you continue to fight what will you become?

There is a LOT of subtext here especially when you combine it with Jyn's resentful agreement to work with the rebellion.

My prediction is that the whole plot of the movie will revolve around Jyn’s lack of allegiance to something.

She works with the rebellion because they give her no choice, but Whittacker calls her out and asks what if the Empire give you no choice either, which side will you choose? What will you become?

This is a tricky situation for the writers, obviously we know the team is going to be successful in stealing the plans because this is a prequel, so the tension has to come from some where else.

Jyn struggling to choose her path will be that source of that tension, she sounds like a real loner at the beginning of the movie, in fact it looks like her main companion is a battle droid we see following her around a few times in the trailer.

As the story progresses and she is forced to work as part of a team she will end up forming an allegiance with one side. Speaking of her team I wouldn't be surprised if along the journey a lot of them die. Seeing her friends fall in battle and die for something they believe in, combined with the remorse of their death will serve as great motivation.

BUT if they are all in similar situations as her then you could probably argue that everyone is either dying because the Rebels forced them into this mission, OR because Empire is evil which will make Jyn's journey more complicated.

Ultimate Prediction:
Jyn will start without a cause and in the end be forced to die for one.

Do you think Jyn will survive and are you as excited for this as you were Episode VII?


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