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Finally got around to seeing Batman v. Superman and honestly, it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. There were a few flaws to it like any movie would have so let's break them down.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

I agree with most of the critics about Jesse's portrayal of the iconic villain. To me it seemed like Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network had a psychotic breakdown. Jesse got the paranoid parts of Luthor correct but I didn't get the impression of a charismatic businessman layered over a evil mastermind. In my view, Lex is too smart to simply kidnap Superman's mother and force him to fight Batman. Lex did a good enough job framing him for crimes he didn't commit and turning the world against him. But then again, Batman and Superman would not have been able to bond over their mothers having the same name and needing rescuing and showing Batman that Superman has humanity in him so for the plot it was necessary but for Lex, not really. The joker can kidnap people.

The dark tone of the movie

I'm half and half on this. On one hand, I honestly don't remember any occasion where the sun was shining in this movie and there was a serious lack of vibrant colors besides heat beams. On the other hand, in terms of dark plot, I feel people's mixed reactions to Superman are realistic in today's society. Some of us see a gorgeous hunk saving people from burning buildings, others see someone who can burn down the planet. People already believe us gays are the bane of civilization, imagine seeing a man in tights who can throw vehicles one handed. Scary for them.

Lois Lane is determined to be in harm's way

Can't really defend her on this one. She's like Carl from Walking Dead seasons 1 & 2 who can't stay in one spot and ends up in danger.

Batman can star in his own version of Inception

A good portion of the first half of the movie was Bruce Wayne waking up from some trippy prophetic dream. Does he have psychic powers now? Even saw possible references to Blue Beelte when insect-like soldiers swooped down in one of his dream sequences. I wonder if that's Snyder's way of foreshadowing an invasion by The Reach? The second dream which was a dream in a dream showed (possibly) the Flash warning Bruce about something and since the portal that the figure was talking through looked like the Speed Force, it might have actually taken place but the timeline cancelled out when the time traveller left so here we have Bruce waking up "again" but not really.

Batman (and Superman too in a sense) does not kill

This I didn't mind as much because I always felt that Batman should kill villains like the Joker since they always escape and kill so every body is on Batman since he's the Morgan (Walking Dead) of the DC Universe. And Superman too. Keep in mind that Bruce has been Batman for about 20 years now and has been hardened to the point of not caring about the world. Especially after the death of Robin. This is equivalent to Rick's character change when he at first refused to kill the living but now wouldn't hesitate. Speaking of Walking Dead parallels, it's safe to assume that fans complaining about Batman's or Superman's brutality would later burn an effigy so the goddess that is Carol Peletier would live to the next episode and wreck a few people. If Rick and Carol can be hardened, so can Batman and Superman. In my opinion, it's selfish to not do what's necessary to protect Gotham or Metropolis in order to hang on to some moral code for your own sake. There are lines to be crossed for sure but things aren's always so black and white realistically. And I think this was portrayed well.

Doomsday's origin

Who wore it better?

Trying to introduce too many characters

The cameos of the future Justice League didn't do much to further the plot but neither did they hinder it. When I first heard about who was going to appear in the movie I thought it would be like Justice League War or the #1 issue of New 52 Justice League where all the various heroes show up one by one for a superhero beat down of Darkseid. In this case it would be Doomsday. In my view if they were going to show them, they should've done more so I feel this criticism has no leg to stand on since there were three main heroes and only a few Stan Lee-esque cameos.

To end on a lighthearted note: Where was Batman at the end?

All in all it was an entertaining movie to say the least. Wonder Woman was epic and her intro music will be playing every time I enter a room and I'm even more determined to meet Henry Cavill and play World of Warcraft with him.


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