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During the 3 years since its release, Grand Theft Auto V has became a breeding ground for outrageous mods. The most famous of these mods are the superhero mods. We have previously seen Hulk smash his way into the game, Spiderman swung by last year, and Flash zoomed onto the Grand Theft Auto scene earlier this month. With all of the superheroes making their way into GTA V, we have yet to have a supervillain make an impression since Reverse Flash back in 2014, that is until now.

Enter Zoom.

This new mod from OkaymanXXI lets you take control of Zoom as you race through the streets of Los Santos hunting the Flash in an attempt to harness the power of the speed force! Okay that may have been exaggerated, but it does let you kill people at super speed! Check out youtuber Kwebbelkop's video on this epic Zoom mod!

Zoom is Michael De Santa!?

How awesome does this look!? The blue lightning is a fantastic feature, distancing it from the similar Flash mod! The speed vortex looks incredible and I honestly can't wait to terrorise Los Santos with that move!

Zoom is just another superhero/villain mod that has been added to Grand Theft Auto V, but who would you like to see added? While super-speed and vortex are cool, I won't be impressed until I can squash Los Santos with my bare hands as Galactus.


What is your favourite GTA V mod?


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