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2014's surprise Sci-Fi hit starring Tom Cruise has officially been given the green light by Warner Bros. The time-looping action flick brought in over $370 Million dollars worldwide, and won audiences over with its originality and exceptional acting courtesy of Tom Cruise and his co-star Emily Blunt.

According to Variety, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie will be behind the camera of the upcoming sequel, with Race writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse attached to pen the script.

It has not been confirmed, but it is implied that both Cruise and Blunt will be back to reprise their roles of Major William Cage and Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski.

An interesting aspect of the film will be where it decides to pick up. At the end of the first film, Major Cage has eliminated the threat of the mimics, after defeating the alpha, with the help of Sergeant Rose and others.

Since the original film was adapted from a Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka titled "All You Need Is Kill", Shrapnel and Waterhouse have creative freedom to go wherever they want with the plot of the sequel. It is even rumored that Cruise himself contributed to the plot of the sequel, so the plot is wide open. Will we see a return of the mimics or will there be a new threat altogether?

Sergeant Rose
Sergeant Rose

Along with a fresh take, the film was praised for its gender role of Sergeant Rose, a strong leading woman who was arguably more viable to the plot than Cruises character, so it'll be essential for Warner Bros to get Emily Blunt to return. Especially with the increasing success of Female leading action films.

Warner Bros. has yet to attach a release date for the film, but my guess would be late 2017 with filming beginning later this year.

Source: Variety


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