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"Bite the Bullet" is a very small film that has been making the rounds at small film festivals throughout Ontario, Canada. The film follows a couple who simultaneously have similar dreams, while one aspect is drastically different. The dream is a game of Russian roulette. One side of the dream is bright and the other dark, and while it is clear that sadness obviously surrounds their current situation, the viewer will never truly understand until one of the final moments. Interpretation definitely seems to be left up in the air here, as the film can definitely stir up some debate as to what actually happens and if the conclusion is a dream or reality. Check out the trailer below:

Shot almost entirely in studio at the Toronto Film School and having almost no budget, this film has slightly more quality than you would expect. Sent to me from one of the Producers to review, I was very hesitant as I am the first to write a full written review for it. I can gladly say that it is a clever little film that any person who is either currently in film school, has graduated film school, or plans on attending, will surely have kind words toward. At only a mere five minutes, the idea was ambitious to get across, but I think the filmmakers did a solid job here.

What makes this film so watchable was the cinematography. Dollying back and forth from the table during Russian roulette and having unique eye lines, it made the dream sequence the best portion of the film. Shown below is the studio in which the dream sequence was accomplished:

Set photo from "Bite the Bullet" (2016)
Set photo from "Bite the Bullet" (2016)

For being such a small production, the actors were selected very well and they do their best here. I was personally on this set, and I can say that Mousa Ghodratifard, who is the writer, director, and producer for this production, showed that he was passionate about the material being put to film. I use the word film specifically, because this short was shot entirely on 16mm film, making for a more daunting task for the young filmmakers involved on the camera team. This film should be checked out by many aspiring filmmakers. As a film, "Bite the Bullet" works in many ways and if the premise interests you, you can check out their facebook page for more info. It is currently being shown in a few film festivals in the Toronto area and should be arriving online soon.

Link to the Facebook page:

Review By: KJ Proulx


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