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WARNING! This article may contain SPOILERS. Stop reading if you have yet to watch the Season 6 finale of 'The Walking Dead' or do not wish to hear this theory on who was possibly killed.

Almost a week ago season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' wrapped up it's season finale. To say the least it has generated a lot of buzz. Whether you feel the episode was a mistake by ending in a cliff hanger or you enjoyed the episode and have begun picking it to pieces, no one can deny that it touched each of us. As someone who has a great appreciation for the art I understand and applaud Gimple and the other writers on an amazing episode and even better season. People will be discussing for every bit of the next six months.

Which leads us to my theory. Sit back and relax. Grab a drink and join me for a possibly eye opening depiction of who and why I believe our newest survivor to leave the show is someone you may least expect.

At the beginning of the episode 16 'Last day on Earth' Rick and the gang are heading out of Alexandria to bring Maggie to Hilltop. After an unexpected turn of events Maggie seems to be having serious complications with the baby. It is clear she needs medical attention but with Denise's untimely demise in episode 14 'Twice as Far' the closest Doctor is now in Hilltop. The Group must now take a harrowing journey that is bound to be suspenseful. Early in the episode we see Rick approached multiple times by various members. Most of which tell him that they will assist in taking the ailing Maggie on the trip. Eugene also approaches Rick and insists on going with the group. Rick is at first apprehensive but in a surprising move that has become increasingly common for the character Eugene stands his ground and insists he go along by stating "I'll be your anchorman, yes I damn will." Now anyone who has played sports will know this term to mean "most reliable." Eugene has made it clear in this statement, "you can count on me, I wont let you down." A statement even Josh McDermitt would admit was once out of character for him.

Season six has really been the season for Eugene to shine. Most recently he has proven resourceful for several reasons. His first big moment was telling the group about the sorghum stored nearby and how beneficial it would be for the community to have this valuable commodity. In a later episode Eugene once again proved his value by taking Abraham to a machine shop where the group would be able to produce ammunition. This is a huge benefit not only for the defense of Alexandria but as a form of currency in this new world. In this scene we see a walker approaching and Eugene rejects Abraham's help in dealing with it. He charges the creature only to find its head is covered in dried metal unable to be killed in a normal fashion. Abraham steps in and deals with the threat much to Eugene's dismay. In fact it causes the two to part ways.

For all his bravado, sadly, the next time we see Eugene he has found himself yet again to be the damsel in distress. Dwight has returned and with the a fore mentioned death of Denise we find Eugene on his knees in front of Dwight. This scene is probably the most iconic in the season thus far as in a shocking twist Eugene proves he is not helpless. An unspoken bond allows him to use Abraham's presence as a distraction so he can sink his teeth into... little Dwight. Needless to say the group escapes with a major casualty and returns home.

All these events show a growth in Josh's portrayal of his character. A growth unmatched by any other character this season. Almost like they are building him up for something. Which leads back to episode 16. All these examples are not lost on the survivors. Eugene's growth has been clear to all. Later in the episode after the group has had a couple run ins with Saviors they have pulled the RV over to refuel and plan their next move. Abraham and Eugene have taken this chance to have a great conversation. One that Eugene has been waiting for since season 4. For those who don't know Eugene doesn't just consider Abraham a member of the group or a friend. It is so much more to him, he idolizes him. This is evidenced many times throughout the show, when he spied on Abe and Rosita, rooming with Abraham etc. In this conversation Eugene finally hears what he has yearned for since joining the group. Abraham accepts him as part of the group. He calls him a survivor. Eugene then asks why he was never allowed to "drive the truck." To which he replies "I didn't think you were capable, I was wrong." Eugene hears that Abraham respects and values him. Before this scene ends another interesting conversation happens. This time between Rick and Eugene. Out of the blue he hands Rick the directions to make bullets and tells him "Take this in case anything happens." This was an odd addition to the scene but in the end it makes sense. Bare with me, we're almost done.

As the story progresses our heroes find themselves repeatedly being funneled into a direction they had never intended to go. Having to make adjustments to their route and the constant roadblocks by the Saviors is taking up valuable time. Time that Maggie does not have by the looks of her. Out of options Rick struggles to formulate a new plan. Luckily Eugene has once again proven himself a survivor. He tells the group that at night it would be hard for the Saviors to know how many people were actually in the RV. He suggests a driver stay in the RV as a decoy and continue driving while the others take Maggie by foot to Hillside under cover of darkness. Being the best course of action the only remaining question was "Who would remain with the RV?" In his last heroic act Eugene steps up and convinces the group he can do this, realizing he could they allow him to "drive the truck."

Sadly, the ruse is short lived. The group ends up heading exactly where The Saviors wanted them to be. Amid a cacophony whistles the survivors are corralled into an open field to find Eugene on his knees surrounded by hundreds of Saviors. For the first time in a long while the whole group shows fear for what is in store. A vehicle hatch is opened and Daryl and the remaining captured survivors are shuffled out into the field. An ominous tone strikes as a new character emerges from the RV. Negan.

For the most part, minus a few F-Bombs, the next scene plays out exactly as its comic book counterpart. Negan walks left and right in front of the group talking about all the men he has lost. The group knows this will not end well and that someone will most likely die here. Negan assures as much. Thus his game of eenie, meenie, miney, moe begins as the camera jumps around from person to person in no specific order. However as Gimple stated in 'The Talking Dead' there are some clues for those who look close enough that could possibly provide the answer to who was killed. As you see from the above picture the group is lined up with Rick in the center. In the video clip below as Negan walks around pointing at each survior you can notice that Lucille is either pointing to the left or right of the screen. This lets the viewer know which direction Negan is walking to a degree. Now why is this important? Because this tells us beyond doubt that he stops on the left side of Rick. This of course would only leave Sasha, Carl, Aaron and Eugene as the possible victims.

Now if we can assume Negan holds true to his comic roots then Sasha is safe as Negan won't kill children or women. Carl is also safe. Not because he's a kid but because Negan's comment about cutting out his other eye omits him. So now we are left with Aaron and Eugene. So why not Aaron? Well honestly I have only two reasons for this. The first is how extraordinary a send off this entire episode was for Eugene. If a character was being given an episode to tie up loose ends before dying there could be no better example than this. Second is only this. A few weeks ago a show called "The 100" killed of a lesbian character. Now anyone who watches 'The 100' knows that much like TWD, no one is safe. However, the writers killing off a certain gay character set off a backlash so big the following weeks ratings plummeted so far the producer wrote an open apology to the fans. Now would this stop the show runners of TWD from doing the same? I can't say. In all honesty though to kill off your only gay male/female character in today's media might cause them a similar backlash and with how many were upset with the whole mid-season Glen issue and knowing what they would do with the season ending, would they risk it? Who's to say, I'll just say I don't believe its Aaron

So as was stated, I strongly feel we are losing Eugene to Lucile's beating. "Taking it like a champ" is the last thing anyone would have expected being said about Eugene in the last scene. In reflection though isn't it the most fitting way for him to go out? Looking at all the things he has done this season and how much he has grown as a character he deserves a proper send off. This season could have done no character any better in that regard. Oh, but wait, I have one last nail to drive in this coffin. Or should I say one last bat to swing at this head?


After season six wrapped up filming Michael (Abraham) sent this tweet to Josh (Eugene). It was shortly after redacted and changed to say something else. This was a deep statement made by Michael. He showed us and Josh as much by not only saying (I did) to strengthen it by adding (RT) at the end signifying it was "Real Talk). This had a meaning behind it. So why would Michael remove it if this had just been an innocent tweet between friends? Now some speculate Abraham is on the receiving end of Negan's assault but if that were true why would he tell Josh to enjoy it? These guys are friends. In their time working with one another they have grown close attachments to each other. All of them have. Well maybe, just maybe Michael was telling Josh to enjoy whatever is in store for his career next after leaving the show. On 'The Talking Dead' there is a scene where Josh and Michael are sitting together talking about the show. Josh repeatedly says "I love this show" as Michael looks on with an almost sad expression. Saddened by another friend leaving.

So, in summation, I believe beyond any doubt that Eugene is the one who danced with Lucille and we could not have gotten a better send off for a character. In the end though this is just my theory and we will have to wait six months to see if I'm right. Please leave a comment below. Let me know if you agree or have a different opinion.


Do you believe Negan killed Eugene?


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