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Zootopia was sure a great film for Disney Studios. The story of Judy Hopps, dreaming of becoming a police officer at the eponymous, and teaming up with con-artist Nick Wilde to solve a case which involves a mysterious infection known as “night howlers” which was later revealed to be toxic flowers revealed to be developed by Dawn Bellwether. Well, that's certainly not the way Bellwether herself remembers it. Let's take a look back to a few years ago, in a theory I'd like to call: Roveen's Influence. Now you may be wondering, Who is this Roveen fellow? Glad you asked. Roveen, according to Zootopia fan Frank Limon, claims that there was a Bigger Bad in the film. Someone worse than Bellwether, and that this worse villain disguised himself as Bellwether in order to succeed the goal to dart every predator in Zootopia in order to have them going back to their savage ways. Now, let's say that he was there before Zootopia was built. Like, in prehistoric times. His ancestors were the first predators to be rising in powers, outranking other predators, one reason the predators and prey being in harmony in the first place. Now, a second thought on the theory, is that Roveen is a very intelligent criminal. He runs a crime organization called the Apocalypse Hands of Death, or for short, AHD. This organization is not only the world's most feared, hated, and recognized organization in Zootopian history, but it has been the driving force of Nick's one and only problem: being untrustworthy. The kids that bullied Nick while being part of the Junior Ranger Scouts, they either work for Roveen or became brainwashed victims without any further notice. Now, the other thing about him, is that he never backs down on his crimes. He takes his criminal ways very seriously and when he plots to bring down Zootopia to an eternal end, it reveals the reason Nick was untrustworthy in the first place. Now, when speculating Gideon Grey, he can often be considered a manipulated puppet, with Roveen pulling the strings. Because when he came back, he apologized to Judy for his bullying ways. Thus hinting the very existence of Roveen, and AHD altogether. So, with the ZPD having Nick and Judy as the ultimate crime fighting duo, they are the ones who can most hopefully end the AHD for good.

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