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I have been following this project for a few years, but Warren & team have managed to keep the details & progress of this film under wraps for the most part. I know it's a project Beatty has been trying to make for decades, and it was scheduled to come out last year- maybe for a film festival but was pushed back to this year.

There's an interview on YT feat. Lily Collins (who was promoting/discussing another project) in which she is asked about her role in the film, but gives very little detail about it. Even the title hasn't been officially announced, as on IMDb it's listed as "Untitled Warren Beatty Project," with the man himself taking on the role of writer, director AND the other man himself, Mr. Howard Hughes.

Also on the IMDb page, it says the film was completed as of last month. The cast has some big, impressive names. There is a photo (same page) but I'm not sure if it's an official still or not? and just for the record, the photo I used above- not sure what film it's from, just fit the occasion. I can respect the privacy of a project, so what I can tell you based on what HAS been revealed is that this chapter in Hughes' life focuses on an affair he had with a younger woman in the latter years of his life.

No trailer, if you look up "Warren Beatty Howard Hughes" on YT, last video with any mention of it was uploaded a year ago. So if you have any news, release date, any idea if this is going to show in theaters, film festivals, both or just one- please, comment below. Again, I respect privacy of a film project so I am not asking for other details, just curious when we will see this film that has been in the works for such a long period of time?!


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