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I’m not saying these movies won’t be good, better than I expected, or that I won’t see them, I’m just saying there will be absolutely no surprises in any of these films. I know exactly what I’m going to see because these types of films have one angle and they’re banking everything on that, and I can tell what the angle is just based on the title or trailer of the movie.


Angle: it’s the Jungle Book, live action. The end.


Angle: it’s an R rated superhero movie about a mouthy antihero. All you need is Deadpool’s tagline “Merc with a mouth” and the movie’s R rating to get a handle on this film. There’ll be risque humor, action, and fourth wall jokes. It’ll be like watching the trailer for an hour and a half.


Angle: Batman. versus. Superman.

Based on the trailer I can tell it’ll be a washed out (I’m referring to Zack Snyder’s fear of any color palette besides bluish-grey) action flick with too many characters and too little character development, and Jesse Eisenberg impersonating himself impersonating an edgy Lex Luthor performance.


Angle: it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. The 2:24 “teaser” trailer is like watching the movie on fast-forward. We see every crucial scene and plot point. Two people flirt and play hard to get and can’t admit they love each other until an accident forces one of them to commit.


Angle: you’re going to see God’s Not Dead for a second time. The whole point of this type of movie is that the target audience knows exactly what they’re going to see because it’s catered to them. This isn’t automatically a bad thing; tapping into a niche group can be effective, but there’s not going to be anything new in this sequel.


Angle: It’s a “based on a true story” faith film. A girl becomes very sick, then she falls out of a tree. Instead of killing her, the fall miraculously heals her disease, and the family deals with the aftermath of the miracle. That’s the entire trailer, and that’s the entire movie.

Do you agree or disagree? What films do you think you could predict without watching?


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