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Andrew Morrison

It sounds like the end of a bad sci-fi film. The main character, Mac, is outraged, OUTRAGED, by the selection of a certain character in his favorite 70's era movie.

Mac isn't a bad guy. He showers every couple of days after he brushes his teeth but before he gets on the internet to complain about trivial things; the weather, his parents, cleaning, his parents, the price of oil, his parents...

But today is a very different day. Mac forgot to brush his teeth and his mouth tastes like onion soup from the night before. Mac HATES onions, but his parents told him that he could only play Call of Duty 4 if he finished his soup.

Mac gets on the internet and sees a trailer for "Rogue One". He watches the trailer once and roars with fury. He then activates a virus on his laptop that literally causes the internet to explode.

I predicted in my last article that fans would be disgusted by the lack of Han Solo. They might be, I have not followed this movie and fan reactions as much as I do with "Fantastic Beasts".

No, fans, specifically male fans, are disgusted by the fact that the lead is female.

Skirting around the fact that this got twelve likes, this "man" makes me ashamed to be the same species as him; let alone the same gender.

From the trailer; I saw an incredibly interesting story about a raider who is captured by the Rebellion and given a second chance if she will find out what the weapon is that the Empire is building.

What Mac saw? Well, Mac was actually blinded with rage; so he only saw the word "feminist" flashing in front of his eyes for a couple of minutes.

I couldn't reach Mac for comment, but I was able to find his views on the subject.

It disappoints me to see that, even in a fictional world of laser guns and death robots, the issue of gender remains the prevailing topic if discussion. I apologize to all the men out there that cannot bring themselves to see this incredible story because there is a woman in the main role.


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