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John Jr Delorenzo

Now most of you have probably heard of the negative reviews of Dawn of Justice. I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't the worst movie ever. Those who said this is worse than Fant4stic are lying. I'm a DC fan but this movie had many flaws. Why they didn't release the R-Rated Ultimate Cut, I don't know. We could have had Joker, Riddler, and Barbara Gordon. I feel like DC acts like they aren't Marvel and then tries to be Marvel. They squeezed 3 iconic comic series into one movie. All of those series don't go together. They combined The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come and Death of Superman. The major things I disliked were the forced world building sequences (besides the Flash) and the horrible pacing. Also, the thing I hated was the exclusion of Green Lantern. The Aquaman ad said "Unite the Seven" and we only have six. Green Lantern is being taken out of these movies because his stand alone didn't work. But, that isn't fair because the people who made the film didn't enjoy or want to make the film. To fix Green Lantern, just have a director who's interested in the character. That's the issue Warner Bros. is having with DC. Working with their characters and having people who can understand those characters. Jesse Eisenberg played the perfect Riddler but such a bad Lex Luthor.

Since you've heard me complain about what I don't like about the film but now it's time for what I liked. Batman was the best part of the movie. He was a dark, grim Batman that was the Batman I read in comics. Except, the second problem I had. This Batman was so accurate but the exception was having Batman drink, having Batman kill, and having Batman use guns. For some reason, in film Batman always has to kill. Batman doesn't kill. I loved Ben Affleck I hope he does even more of an amazing job. Gal Gadot was a great Wonder Woman. Her and Batman had very James Bond-like encounters which I would like more of. At times I felt like I was watching a comic in motion and Bruce's dream of his parents' death was beautiful.

The major spoiler of the movie is the Death of Superman. Doomsday comes in Superman sacrifices himself and gets stabbed as he stabs Doomsday and they both die. But by the end of it you can tell he's not dead. I felt disappointed because this should have been a scene where people cried. Superman is the biggest fictional character in history. He is what people think of when someone says superhero. But because Warner doesn't know what to do with the whole world of Superman. I felt more emotion watching Han Solo die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens than watching Superman die.

What does Warner need to do to improve their DC properties. The first thing they should do is understand their characters. Not making everything dark because Batman is dark. Batman and Superman should have fought because their moral differences but to me they were morally the same character. DC also needs to use Marvel Studio's company's tactic. Kevin Feige is an executive who understands the universe. DC needs a Kevin Feige who understands the universe and can make the right decisions about that universe. DC needs to understand the tone of their characters. Don't make the Flash a 3 hour depressing Dark Knight-ish movie. The Flash is fun and exciting. DC needs to make DC Studios. I felt with Batman v Superman, the company intervened a lot for fan service. Marvel is different because they try to include all audiences and make it comic accurate at the same time. What's your opinion. Please comment below.


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