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While waiting for Sunday so I can start my Captain America Retrospective Series, I was reading some old Avengers comics when I came to a mind-blowing realisation of epic-proportions that will shatter the very fabric of the internet and reduce all who witness its glory to stunned primordial ooze, and it all revolves around Baron Zemo.

Why is Baron Zemo so important?

People who read comics (or have access to wikipedia and pretend to read comics because it's cool) know that Baron Zemo is a major Marvel villain who is rooted in his Nazi-Scientist origins (which, by the way, getting Daniel Bruhl to play a nazi in the MCU is really inspired casting, you inglorious bastards).

Bruhl revealed that his character will not be wearing his trademark purple balaclava/gold tiara combo. Upon this announcement, thousands of fans were devastated because it dawned on them that Marvel wasn't going to just retread their own source-material for the sake of doing so and they were going to take creative liberties in order to tell their own story.

Or will they?

Remember Crossbones? He was "SHIELD Agent" Brock Rumlow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier until the last act left him disfigured and more than ready to become a villain in Captain America: Civil War.

Now, Daniel Bruhl has confirmed that there is a possibility for his Baron Zemo character to appear in future sequels. Pair that bit of information with the one about him not wearing the mask, and it starts to sound like they might end Civil War with Baron Zemo becoming disfigured and then having him don his trademark mask in later MCU movies.

So, what's this big revelation then?

In order for one to determine the entire point of this article, one must go back to the past and look at how Baron Zemo was disfigured in the first place.

Much like Jack Nicholson's Joker, Baron Zemo was disfigured when he came into contact with Adhesive X, an imaginatively titled chemical concocted by Heinrich Zemo and later utilised by his son.

Now; if Baron Zemo is going to be the villain of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), and if he's going to end up disfigured at the end, one could assume that Adhesive X will be his weapon to attack the warring heroes.

Does this sound familiar?

It should, because that was the plot of The Avengers Vol. 1 #6. Baron Zemo made his first full appearance by joining with the Masters Of Evil to attack New York with Adhesive X, and it was up to the Avengers to stop him.

The way in which they defeated Zemo and overcame his Adhesive X is the mind-blowing part of this article, so brace yourself.

In order to foil Zemo's dastardly scheme, the Avengers had to turn to a former enemy for guidance on adhesive-based substances.

Now, the Russo Bros. are pure comic-book purists (as Marvel fans will be more than happy to tell you), so it'd be very unlikely that they would make major deviations from the source material. Therefore, one can make the ultimate deduction that...


You ain't gonna think life's so funny pal... Once I've covered you in paste!

It's about bloody time as well. Paste Pot Pete is one of the most richest, most compelling Marvel characters of all time and of course it took the unparalleled genius of the Russo Bros. to understand his full potential. He will easily be the standout character of Civil War and his appearance will be absolutely unforgettable.


What do you think about this fan-theory?

This theory is 100% accurate guys, I'm telling you. In the immortal words of soulbrothanumbuh3, if you disagree you're basically worthless.

Thanks for reading.


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