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Nikodim Trashkov

There is enormous pressure on DC right now especially after Batman v Superman. A lot of people don't like the route that they are taking and the way the are treating Superman. It is clear that they want to be different from Marvel and have their own style and tone. It is that dark, gritty and depressing tone that ostracizes the people that like the fun and light heartened tone of the marvel movies. Those people have spoken and DC has heard.

There has been reports of huge re shoots happening for suicide squad. Jai Courtney has come out and said that they where not to add more humor. Many believe that that is damage control so it looks like DC is confident in the route they are taking but what ever the reason is all that re shoots show is the disorganization. In almost of all cases re shoots are never a good sign and I do want to be optimistic but we also have to be realistic.

There is almost no denying it but this is DC's Guardians of the Galaxy. It is also abundantly obvious that DC is trying to compete with Marvel and shit out the Justice League before Avengers: Infinity War. They want people to see, hey we can be cool and funny just like Marvel. Even this motherfucker in the picture looks like Groot.

I really want to like this movie. I think the Jared Leto will be a very good Joker all be different and not the Joker that we are used to but that is not a bad thing. I do like David Ayer. I'm not a DC hater The Dark Knight and Watchmen are some of the best superhero movies I have ever seen but Warner Bros have bit of more than they can chew and they have set unreal deadlines and green lit so many movies that are either going to end up being unfinished rushed messes or they are going to get delayed. Justice League is coming out next year and they have not even started production yet.

There is just so much expectation on superhero movies nowadays that a lot of movies simply don't don't live up to those expectations and what do you know fans get pissed. So studios start shoving all this fan service shit into the movies to try and please the fans but the movies just end up being a fucking mess. There is a difference between not liking a movie because it was not what you wanted it to be and not liking it because it was not a good movie. When DC sucks your cock and fondles your balls of course you like it but after it's over you feel empty and unsatisfied because DC is inexperienced unlike the professional whore that is Marvel. DC and Warner Bros need to take a steep back and rethink their battle plan.

I am interested to know if you think it will live up to the hype so comment your thoughts below and if you like this article follow me for more.


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