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With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 29%, but a fan score of 70% it’s safe to say that the response to “Batman V. Superman” is conflicted. In my opinion, if you like Batman, and you like Superman, just go see it, but if you don’t really care for heroes, just avoid it. This isn’t going to be a review, this post is going to explain what created the conflict between the critics and the fans.

First, let’s look at Ben Affleck as Batman. For us fans he seems to be a knight in shining armor. His Batman performance has been what we have always wanted, dark, gritty and borderline psychotic. However, his performance as Bruce Wayne seemed to be sub-par, the character of Bruce had no dynamic. I am willing to look past this for now, as I don’t foresee a plethora of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Justice League movie, but Affleck will need to step up his game in the first standalone Batman movie with him as the caped crusader.

This isn’t the only issue with the Bat. Now comes the part where the critics and the fans become separated. We’ve never had this type of a Batman in a live action film. Zack Snyder brings in a Batman that exists after “Death in the Family.” This is risky, because it creates origin story issues. Yes we are given a glimpse at the robin costume and a few lines from Batman that kind of explain it, but there is no real moment when the audience sees that the Joker beat Robin to death with a crow bar, which is one of the key things the audience must know to understand why Batffleck is killing people now. If you’re a fan of Batman it’s obvious, but if the only experience you have with him is the the Dark Knight trilogy than you might miss this key element in his character.

Next, Henry Cavill was born to play Superman. That is all. Fans agree, most critics agree, and that’s just how it is.

Third, Gal Gadet as Wonder Woman. I was skeptical about this, but honestly, I think she was one of the better performances in the movie. My only issue is with how she was written into the story. The introduction to Wonder Woman seems a bit forced. I would have much rather waited on her intro until a later movie. This is how her character goes, (SPOILERS AHEAD) she meets Bruce Wayne at party, steals something from Bruce, Bruce get’s it back, Batman discovers her identity, Wonder Woman kicks Doomsdays ass. That is all you get. Little to no back story, poor writing, but performed well. They made Wonder Woman a bad ass. Which is what fans love, but they sacrificed on her writing, which critics hate.

Jessie Eisenburg as Lex Luthor, or Lex Luthor Jr. I should say, was my favorite part of the movie. He portrayed the perfect villain for me. The character seemed to be too intelligent for his own good, in fact he seemed so intelligent that he didn’t know how to control his own mind. Seriously, go see the movie just for his performance. Even the critics that hated this movie loved this character.

The worst part of the movie was the fact that the actual Batman V. Superman fight lasts all of about 2 minuets, before plot points interrupt. The whole movie they build you up for an epic showdown and then they just give you a few cool things and a shitty IronBat suit to try and satisfy you.

This part of the movie needs to be seen. It’s super controversial. I personally believe that Doomsday needed to be the villain of the Justice League movie and not this movie, plus he interrupts the cool fight with his bullshit. That being said, I have lots of friends who loved this part of the movie. Just go see it.

I think I touched on all the major topics that the critics and fans seemed to disagree on. I would like to say one more thing before I close out this post. Critics don’t go into movies and say “I want this movie to suck.” In fact, most critics want these movies to be good, but the difference between the fans and the critics really comes down to this. The fans will love it even if it sucks, the critics won’t. The critics are paid to pick movies apart, and they will do it. Take all the reviews you read with a grain of salt. They’re just opinions after all.

— Zak


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