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Ben Fancher

Just watched "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and I feel that all the hate is unfounded. One of the complaints I heard was that Batman was too violent. Really? Do you not know anything about Batman? He is violent. The original comics Batman had no compunction for killing the villains. And Affleck gave us that Batman. Well done, not over the top, and unafraid do what is needed to protect the innocent. ( The anti-killing rule didn't appear until later. Another complaint is that Jesse Eisenberg isn't Lex Luthor. Well right on that one, if you catch it all, he is Lex Luthor Jr. (, so he's not intended to be the Lex Luthor we're familiar with from the past. Eisenberg's role is nothing short of amazing. The sheer madness that he portrayed should intimidate you. The role was nothing short of genius and will undoubtedly become iconic. Henry Cavill is fantastic as Superman (though we already knew this from "Man of Steel"). Just a bit on the arrogant side as Superman would be because he believes himself to be superior to all humans. The story developed beautifully. The animosity building on both sides for their distaste of each other and then the showdown and realization that they were being played. It carried out wonderfully, gave us a taste of the rest of the Justice League characters without revealing too much and a fantastic use of Doomsday. And best of all, the back stories that were utilized were done in quick snippets instead of taking up half the film. Let's face it, the origin stories are nice but most of them end with the hero becoming who they are today and we're wanting to see more story with them as that hero.


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