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So I figured I would take a break from the BvS conversation and put some of my other writing to the side and work on an idea for a new article for my Creator page. I wish I could dedicate more to my work here but it's time consuming to get everything together just right so the article is worth something. I've read some great articles over the last few weeks and I love how open this community is with their outlooks and opinions.

Well, with all that aside, I think if you're stuck in on a Friday night (like I currently am) then that means you're probably looking for something to watch.

Have no fear, your search is over!

I've compiled this list from numerous outside sources such as other movie buff friends of mine, Facebook group suggestions, and plain curiosity that I have when reading the description of a movie. Plus, healthy hint, a lot of those low rated movies on Netflix are actually gold stars but for some reason they get the shit end of the stick with ratings. Either way, here's at least 11 movies you won't be disappointed in and why.

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Dream House (2011)

Now, I'm not sure if this movie was in theaters or not because it flew clean under my radar. Probably the only movie on my list with at least a 4 star rating on Netflix and well deserved. The issue with explaining why would give most of the plot away and this is one of those movies where you don't want that to happen.

My only gripe; it's one of those movies you can only watch once. When you figure it out than it takes away from it after awhile. Kind of like that movie Vantage Point(another really good one time around) but it's still completely worth sitting through.

Pontypool (2008)

Unfortunately I can't see what Netflix has this rated as because I gave it 5 stars so all I see if my rating. And it has 5 stars for good reason. This movie seemed to have been made with a very old school outlook of horror.

Scare em without them knowing what they should be scared of.

Tons of dialogue that build and create a terrifying world without ever leaving the basement of a run down building where they seem to be broadcasting their radio show. Yes, you heard me. All the dialogue has to do with them on a radio show. Don't get me wrong, that didn't sound intriguing at all when I first read it and starting watching. But once the talking starts and you start following along, you can't help but become drawn in by mere words.

Kristy (2014)

Wow. I forgot where this movie recommendation came from but it caught me by surprise. It's a bit of an over done concept; crazy people trap a teenager and want to kill her and put it over the internet. But it's plots foundation isn't where the amazement for this film comes from for me. It was with it's character development and the flow of it's story. The execution of each piece of the movie plot line was done so well that you can't look away from the screen. It had it's obvious moments for a movie like that but it also had a lot of unsuspected moments where you can appreciate since they stand out a bit. Like how the main character isn't a dumb, scared little shit but rather a smart college student that knows what to do to survive. That part I appreciated the most.

Intruders (2011)

The cover photo to this movie is what caught my attention. This isn't the entire thing either but it definitely is a good marketing ploy. This one is tricky because I still am not sure what the deal is with the beginning of the movie. It kind of lost me but it did grab me back once it got to the main characters of the tale. It's a very interesting concept that I think is executed with a little twang in comparison to your normal boogy man story that makes it stand out. As long as you can figure out the beginning.

Circle (2015)

Probably the most recent film on my list and definitely something you recognize. If you've ever just been sitting there and twirling through line after line of Netflix movies, you've come across this name or this image at least twice. It bothered me so much that one day I said it fuck it and put it on.

Best. Choice. Ever.

I don't know where this idea came from but I'm shocked it wasn't picked up for a major scripted movie. It's uniqueness in its plot stands out with it's character complexity and it flows like water. Sure its a straight to Netflix film that obviously has no one attached to it that really matters but that also adds to it's plot. It's all about strangers and how the human psyche is a terrible thing when faced with grave situations. This is a must.

Last Shift (2014)

This was recommended by my partner at work who is a huge movie and horror buff. When she told me to watch this, I knew I'd see something good. And she wasn't wrong. Again, this is another movie I can't say much about because I feel like it would ruin it but let me give you the cliff notes;

Imagine you're a cop, fresh into the job, and your first assignment is watching over the last night of the old precinct. Sounds easy right? Ok. Now image you're alone and a lot of freaky things start happening. Is just you and the walls of a police stations where dozens criminals have passed through. Murders, rapists, and psychos have all walked through the halls, sat in the cells, in the chairs. What would you do?

Contracted (2013)

God dammit! This movie is so fucking good and it pisses me off that it barely has 2 damn stars on Netflix! Why?! I don't get what's not to love about this film. Just the cover image alone is intriguing enough for you to be interested in whats happening. Here's the Netflix description:

'After a one-night stand, a young woman becomes alarmingly ill -- but what she thinks is an STD turns out to be far worse.'

It has a sequel but that kind of ruined it for me. I feel like this one was so perfect and the route they went with the second part just annoyed me. But this deserves more recognition.

The Den (2013)

This might just be me but I'm a sucker for found footage and mocumentaries. This isn't on any of that Paranormal Activity level type found footage though. It's a bit more based on modern day scares in cyber networking. I came across this title on a few different list's online and I feel like mine wouldn't be complete without mentioning it. It's definitely worth sitting through if you like found footage movies. Think Hostel meets The Blair Witch Project. That's the best description I can give for this movie.

Honeymoon (2014)

This is one of those movies that does so much and does it so well with such a small cast that it's hard to say it's bad. It really only has 2 people in it and they carry this entire story of confusion and fear.

Just your typical honeymoon couple going away to a cabin. Everything is fine until one weird night that you find your wife naked in the woods. Now she's been acting strange and you don't understand why. What do you do?

Ugh! I might watch this again when I'm done.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Another found footage film because I have the biggest soft spot for this genre. I'm certain this might be one of the more popular of choices among those who have seen it and I'm sure you've heard someone mention and recommend it somewhere. My friend, they are right and you should listen to them. There's nothing scarier than the idea of losing a piece of yourself but watching a loved one go through it is even worse. This grew comes in to document a woman on her trials and tribulations with Alzheimer's disease but they get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Look at those eyes...

Starry Eyes (2014)

This movie fucked me up royally. My girlfriend got it as a suggestion from a horror group she's in and we gave it a shot. I'm still traumatized from it. It's not even all that bad it's just done so well. I don't know who this actress is but she better have gotten somewhere with this role. And go figure, that's pretty much the premise of the entire thing. A failed actress living in Hollywood finds a way to make it on the big screen but doesn't know if what the director wants her to do is worth it. But anything is worth being a star...right?


Mr. Jones (2013)

This movie would've made the cut if the ending was a bit better. It's story is unique and it's delivery is perfect, But after a certain point it sort of loses itself. I think that's why it got such a low rating. But other than that, it's worth sitting through as well.


An American Ghost Story (2012): NO LONGER ON NETFLIX

"Me and my girlfriend watched this thinking we would laugh at it. The second it starts, the low budget quality nearly jumps off the screen and smacks you right in the face. It's clear that they did not have the funds needed to pull off what they might have envisioned for this film. It looks like the actor recorded it all himself sometimes. But, minus the poor lighting and uninteresting dialogue, this movie packs the scares. Some cheap and expected but done well including some very interesting affects thrown in at the right moments. You almost get a feel that they focused more on getting people scared then on worrying about a good movie. I think Netflix has this at 1 star but give it a chance. I think you'll appreciate the simplicity."

This title is no longer on Netflix but I wanted to keep it in the article since it was part of the original list set at 12 with my original synopsis. If you can find it anywhere else though, I do still recommend it.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoy any of these movies if you haven't seen them already and please, if you have any suggestion yourself, I would love to hear em. I'm also up for watching something new.


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