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It's a sad time for Digimon and anime fans everywhere, Wada's official website announced that the singer passed away on April 3rd due to upper pharynx cancer. Wada was only 42 years old, close relatives held a private funeral from him. It's reported that Solid Vox will hold a Owakare no Kai (Farewell Gathering) for his fans in Japan. The event will take place in Tokyo later this month you can found out more information by visiting Kouji Wada's official website.

Kouji Wada made is first major appearance back in April 1999, with his OP "Butter-Fly" for Digimon Adventure, a TV anime. He went on to other theme songs for the Digimon anime franchise such as: Digimon Savers the Movie: Kyuukyoku Power! Burst Mode Hatsudou!!, Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon Frontier. The fatal tumor was first found in 2003, Wada got treat but had to take a long hiatus from his career till 2011, after announcing his disease Wada returned back to his career in 2013.

He recently remade his "Butter-Fly" song and titled it "Butter-Fly tri.Version", for the recent ongoing Digimon Adventure tri. anime series. We will miss you Mr. Wada but us fans will always carry him in our hearts and feel him through his music that he left behind. Below I have listed his most recent and last MV, along with a couple of my favorite OPs of his previous works.

和田光司「re-fly」Music Video

Digimon Adventure 2 OP

Digimon 'Seven'


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