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Rose was walking along the sidewalk with her brother at their school. When they would walk , rose would always go to the pond in the back. She would ditch her brother saying " Umm.. Ben? I have to do something.. see ya!" And would run behind the school to the pond. One time ben had enough. He followed rose and he knew he was a bully to his sister but, he didn't know that she ran from him. When he saw rose splashing in the pond, he felt disturbed in some way... a way he didn't like. He watched his sister play around and jump in the pond behind the school. Rose had a friend, her name was alex, but she prefered to be called wolf. So when rose and Alex where sitting there one day, both of the sisters brothers followed them and one was carrying a knife, Wolf's brother jacob. And ben was holding a rope. When they both got close to their sisters, the jumped on them acting like they would kill them as a joke. But what happened was no joke. Jacob pounced on wolf , knocking her down and, while acting, he stabbed his sister. Jacob got scared and happy, but he didn't know why?


Jacob stabbed his sister, and repeatedly stabbed until all he could see waz blood. Ben was scared and he had the rope around his sisters neck and she was FREEKING out. " Rose Rose! Calm down rose ! I won't hurt you! Stop stop!" Ben repeted. Rose sammered " P..please dont! I won't leave you again!" Rose cred and cryed. " Rose I won't hurt you... just stop... please..." Rose didn't move... all three stood up and walked awaty.BEFORE calming jacob and taking off roses rope. Rose felt a tug on her neck, realiseing jacob was pulling her back with the rope. Ben didn't notice, he thought his sister was behind him the whole time. Jacob choked rose until she couldn't breathe, but she was still alive. Jacob put a bunch of rope in roses mouth and threw her in the pond. It was only then , ben realised rose was dead as well. He almost killed jacob everyday. Jacob threw both bodies in the water and ran, ran as fast as he could. He was crying of terror and fright. Both were killed the next year and on the same day, R.I.P rose jacob Alex and ben



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