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The CW has released new images for the 18th episode of The Flash, "Versus Zoom" which is set to air on April 19th. The images are super-spoilery, as we get to see that a certain character of the show learns that Barry Allen is The Flash. So if you don't want to know who it is just yet, go back NOW! Because we'll be entering into spoiler territory.

Okay! So now that we have got that out of the way, let's talk about who it is. Since you're still here I'm assuming you want to know, because there's no going back now.

It is:

Wally West

In the new images Wally can be seen taken hostage by Zoom. But one of those images show, Barry in his Flash suit, with his mask off, standing in front of Zoom and Wally. Wally has been known to be Barry's sidekick in the comics for a long time. And Wally knowing The Flash's true identity could be a first step towards that. We are all waiting for Wally to put his suit on and fight crimes along with The Flash.

Here are the new promotional pictures that The CW released for the next episode of The Flash:

Let us know what you think about Wally learning Barry is The Flash. Is it too soon?

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