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Marvel has made the biggest decision they have made for fans since the beginning of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Risking spoilers being leaked online, or plot points being revealed, the studio has chosen to begin screenings the film for fans extremely early. Last night, on April 8th, "Captain America: Civil War" had it's first official screening, which shows that Marvel has the utmost confidence in their film and that they believe positive word of mouth will begin to spread just under a month before it's initial release. Now, one of the rumours that fans have been creating all over the internet, is that the negative response to the recent release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" may have an impact on whether or not fans will be hesitant to waste money on more superheroes with divided ideals. I personally think this is a ridiculous theory and the same people that planned on seeing this film before, will still be waiting in line opening weekend. What this article will express are two things. The fan reviews from last nights screening are in, and I was to show how I feel in regards to them, as well as my overall thoughts on the upcoming film itself. Here we go.

I will first start by stating that I am an ecstatic fan of Spider-Man, and upon hearing he was going to be making an appearing in an Avengers centric film made me uncontrollably happy. Seeing his appearance in the final trailer for this film only solidified that. If you have not yet seen this awesome trailer, here is the link to it:

The first things fans had to say about the film were as follows:

These are just a few of the reviews that have amazing praise for the portrayal of Spider-Man in this new film. Now, while I was obviously happy to be hearing these things, the fan response for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" had nothing but amazing things to say about Ben Affleck as Batman, and that film, let's be honest, whether you enjoyed it or not, was a disappointment. These reviews are very promising though and I am still holding out hope for it to be one of the greatest superhero films ever put to screen. The proper emotion seems to be present, while still taking the time to have the lovable quips from each character. The reviews also say that the film is one of Marvel's best and that Ant-Man and Black Panther steal the show alongside Spider-Man. For all of the fan reviews, see the link below to

As excited as I am, let's dive into reality. None of the regular fans, aside from the critics who happen to be fans, have been able to see this film yet, so speculation of the films' events are still up in the air. Thus begins the speculation stage. There will be spoilers from comic books that have not yet been explored on-screen, so you have been warned.

Pitting Iron Man against Captain America seems like both a good and bad idea, as fans who have not read the comics will just want to see another team-up film, but what they do not understand is that they still want to be a team, it is just that after trying really hard to agree on their ideals, they just can't seem to come to an agreement. I personally think this is going to add an extremely large emotional core to the film, which Marvel has not really done yet. It is more than superheroes fighting for kids to be amazed at, but as we saw in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," a deep story can still be told while also remaining faithful to the comic books. As far as the new players in the game go, I could not be more excited.

Black Panther looks amazingly done from what we have seen in the trailers so far and adding Ant-Man to one of the teams will add more comedic relief I am assuming. Hardcore fans are also awaiting the eventual reveal of Giant Man, which is the opposite of Ant-Man's shrinking power, which the average moviegoer does not know about yet. It would be amazing if they decided to have a scene where he goes large, just to have a huge gasp in the audience. That would really get fans riled up. As for Spider-Man, it looks like they have taken the time to craft the perfect version of the character, along with casting a very talent young actor who will be able to play him for a very long time if he is beloved by fans.

Even though the only line we have heard from him is "Hey Everyone," I immediately heard the adolescent tone in his voice that is pretty much the classic version of the character. Seeming quippy and cocky, this seems to be shaping up to be the best rendition of Spider-Man yet. Do I believe that they will make it a more reasonable route than having him build his own costume? Yes I do, and I am with the majority of people who believe Tony Stark will be building his suit, which is why he will be fighting for team Iron Man.

The conclusion of this film will almost certainly contain a hefty character death, which leaves the team in despair and causes them to stop fighting, right before realizing the bigger threat looming in the future. This will be the final film that we are able to see these characters (excluding the Spider-Man film), where they are all simultaneously on-screen together until "Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2." To me, it only makes sense to go out with a devastating blow that leaves fans asking for more of these characters. If they were to kill off say Captain America or do something risky along those lines, people will be running out to the theatre faster than Spidey can spin a web. This is one of the most anticipated films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. How excited are you? What are you most excited to see in this film? Comment below and let's get a big debate going. I hope you enjoyed my Marvel recap series. Bring on May 6th!

Article By: KJ Proulx


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