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I see as many films as possible to share my thoughts everyone. We all love movies, but sometimes we would like to know a few opinions first.
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As I am a reviewer for this site, this is not something I usually do, but seeing as I would like to have some feedback of my own, I thought I would give it a shot. Back in 2014, I wrote and directed a short film by the name "Rehtorb's Power." I was a recent film school graduate and eager to create my first real project. After setting up a full campaign, we were able to reach our low budget goal and travel to Niagara Falls, Canada, to film this little film. I personally am proud of what the final product looks like, considering the shoe-string budget we had to work with. What this post will be setting out to accomplish, is to get my film shared around and form many opinions about my work. So this time, I will not be giving an opinion, but asking for one in return from anyone who wishes to share.

The film is about a 7-year-old boy who discovers the power of flight. After losing his older brother, all he now has are these powers to keep him happy. Please feel free to watch the film below, as it is now available on YouTube:

Thank you for taking the time to watch and read this post. If you wish, I would greatly appreciate this film being shared around if you enjoy it. You can find the link to the Facebook page below to see our journey from a couple of years ago.


KJ Proulx


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