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He has the ability to draw out people's deepest, darkest desires. And he has used this power to draw a steady audience every week for a new case of consulting with the LAPD since his retirement from ruling Hell. His name is Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer is the latest adaptation of a DC comic by the major network, Fox. His charms have apparently worked on not just audiences, but Fox executives as well, as they have given Lucifer a second season order.

The fantasy comedy crime-drama premiered in January to mixed reviews from critics, but strong reviews from audiences and has remained consistently strong in the ratings since its debut, making itself one of Fox's best performing new series and averaging 10.5 million viewers per episode.

In an interview with Variety, Fox entertainment president David Madden voiced his praise for the comic adaptation.

We knew we had something special with ‘Lucifer,’ from the engaging performances of Tom, Lauren, and the rest of the charismatic cast, to Len Wiseman’s visually stunning look of the show and the amazing storytelling savvy of the Bruckheimer team.

In addition to Lucifer, freshman medical/crime drama Rosewood earned a second season renewal from Fox, while the sci-fi, crime sequel to the hit film Minority Report was officially cancelled.

Personally, Lucifer has been quite the entertaining show to watch. I don't know what it is about the blend of a British wise-ass in a suit and demons that intrigues me, but that was not the only thing that caught my eye with the show. The arcing subplot of Lucifer visiting a psychiatrist is smart and hilarious at times.

Plus, Tom Ellis just offers a captivating character in the form of Lucifer, whether he's flirting his way through L.A. or teasing Det. Chloe Decker about his immortality. Even if the show veers from its source material, Ellis thoroughly entertains, bringing just enough charisma and wit to draw audiences back in to watch him alone.

Are you excited about the 'Lucifer' renewal? What's been your favorite moment of 'Lucifer' this season?


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