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With Civil War coming up, I though it would be an amazing idea to go over the origins of some of the characters. This time's character is the mystical Black Panther.



It was a famed land. Legends were always told about this mysterious land. Some said that it had precious resources while some said that they were way ahead of their times. In the 19th century, an army of men decided to attack Wakanda and take it for their own. They came with guns and before them stood a lone man wearing a cowl. This man asked them to leave peacefully and promised to let all of them live. Little did they know that this was the Black Panther. They laughed at his statement and the man in charge ordered his men fire bullets at the Black Panther. But as soon as they pulled the trigger, their guns exploded dropping them to the ground. The man in charge, quickly sat on his Gatling gun and tried to shoot the man in the cowl, but the Gatling gun exploded too. A few men came up to the Black Panther and begged him to let them live. He didn't say anything and just let them leave.

In 1944, there was rumors that Germany had captured Wakanda. Captain America with all the good intentions went there to save Wakanda but instead mistook Black Panther for a Nazi and had a fight with him. Black Panther won the fight.

Later, Cap' realized that the Black Panther wasn't a Nazi and had already defeated them long before Cap' arrived.

Now, the Black Panther isn't a person. I mean, he is a person, or rather multiple different people using the title. Yes, it's a title. Not a superhero name. The title is passed down from King of Wakanda to his prodigy. But, it's not entirely hierarchical as every year, anyone was allowed to challenge the, then current Black Panther. The title was given to the victor of the battle.

The Black Panther we all know and love is T'Challa. Here's how he became the Black Panther.

Remember the manin charge who was killed in the 19th century? Well, his (great)*4 grandson seeked revenge against the Black Panther. At that time, the Black Panther was T'Challa's father, T'Taka. T'Taka was invited to the U.N hearings where the other countries wanted to lay their hands on the resources that Wakanda seemed to have. But, during the first few meetings, T'Taka was offended by the others by calling him by his first name. (How silly right?) That is why he decided to return to Wakanda. Now, the countries has set up assassins near his hotel room just in case talks went sour. So, when he returned to his hotel room, a sniper shot T'Taka but lucky for T'Taka, his bodyguards has placed a thin sheet of Vibranium on the windows, thus enabling T'Taka to remain unharmed. T'Taka decided to guard his family from any more damage and that's when 'Klaw' came up through the floorboards and started shooting everyone.

T'Taka leaped onto Klaw trying to disarm him but The Claw ended up shooting T'Taka in the stomach. He later tried to shoot the rest of T'Taka's family but was shot himself by T'Challa, T'Taka's then younger son. Klaw escaped leaving T'Challa furious.

T'Challa trained really hard from then on while his uncle took the title of the Black Panther. Years later, T'Challa challenged his uncle and ended up winning. That is how the Black Panther we know, was born.

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