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Usually, my writing is for others to seek inspiration and motivation. This article is dedicated to one of my best-friends. Today is her birthday and my level of happiness is bursting, since today was the day the one of the most influential people in my life was born. Dom, this is for you.

Thank you so much for being in my life, I have not met someone who is caring and loving as you are. You're extremely patient and caring, things that I seem to run out when I'm a mess. However, you have my back like a parachute. Falling wouldn't be something that I fear anymore, because your hands will always be there.

Thank you for being there when I broke down after school for an hour because life was catching up with me way too freaking fast to grasp. You were there until my eyes weren't too red or too sore. Thank you for being my shoulder for an hour on that Friday night (and your brownies were spot on that night, probably the best brownies I can get).

Thank you for laughing at my lame jokes and basically finding everything I do hilarious. Though at times my jokes and laugh can get annoying, you still manage to say you love my laugh.

Thank you for exposing me to many things in life, like musicals. I wasn't a fan of anything that required me to pay extra time in, but this year came around and you made me into a fan. Thank you for educating me more about dance, (and I'm still catching up with those terms) and just showing me the beauty behind it. You have taught me so many things in this life, and one of them is being fearless. You taught me that my skin is tougher than the currents, and that my heart will lead me to do amazing things in life. You taught me that being generous and caring doesn't hurt anybody but to keep the love flowing like a stream.

Thank you for showing me that even if change comes along the way, we should accept it than to brush it off our shoulders. Thank you for showing me that change isn't the bad guy, and that having change is good. I'm sorry that I wanted to remain stagnant when in reality life can't remain in a settled place. Life is constantly loose, willing to have it's own free motions, and it's pace changes dramatically. You're just moving along with life, you're continually molding yourself to whatever situation is handed to you, and you never stay in one place. I needed to be more like you, effortlessly enveloping yourself into life's brisk drifts, having to come out in one piece. You inspire me to dive into the ocean, and let the current take me wherever the wind pushes me. You're the captain of your own ship, and I can just admire you endlessly from a distance.

Thank you for showing me that my past is my past. Thank you for telling me opportunities will sprout in front of me, like the bright spring flowers that grow everywhere. Thank you for reminding me that my mind and body is healthier than before and that I can conquer anything that comes in my way. Thank you for supporting me when my emotions were spiraling out of control and for keeping me a float. Some days where I don't shine as bright, I just think about how you would look at me. I think about how you think I'm the kindest person, about how you find my being so talented, and how you see me as recreation of something that's glowing.

Thank you for being a radiant and beautiful young lady. Even if this society is telling young women to be silenced, to be small, and just feel insignificant; you shine every day. You glow, glow, and you glow despite what anyone says. Your presence is an incandescent glim. In a place that's dark and demeaning you always find a way to stay blissful.

Someone in my past life have told me that I won't find people who will love me, but god how wrong was she. Thank you for showing me that I'm capable of being loved and taken care of. You're the band aid on my skin, and thank you for always keeping me in one piece. I'll hold out my hands to you so we lose the grip we have, and I'll shake on it just to let you know for whatever is coming ahead, I'll be down to endure it with you. Happy Birthday Dom, you're insanely loved and your talents can take you to places where you didn't expect you would reach. I'm so excited to see you live for another year, and many more of course. Never knew that hand shake during lunch introduced me to an amazing human being who I now call one of my best-friends.

The world is yours, but you already knew that. So dominate anything you put your mind into. Have a great day today, you deserve it. GO BEST-FRIEND, THAT'S MY BEST-FRIEND, THAT'S MY BEST-FRIEND.


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