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Actress Ashley Park has been cast in a lead role in upcoming web series Bad Sex With Good People.

The Miss Asia USA pageant winner will star in the series with former Cheetah Girls Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan, along with General Hospital star Robert Palmer Watkins.

Park will play Norah, one of the leads in the series.

From the creators of March Moms, Bad Sex With Good People is being produced by Scene Girls TV.

The show will be making its debut on YouTube next month.

We caught up with Ashley Park to talk about the show.

Q: That’s such a curious title… is it as saucy a series as the title suggests?

Bad Sex With Good People is such a great title, isn’t it? I can’t take credit for that, but I do love the title. It’s definitely saucy. It’s a comedy web series by Scene Girls TV starring Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girls, Dancing with the Stars), Kiely Williams (3LW, Cheetah Girls), and Robert Palmer Watkins (General Hospital).

Q: Are you the receiver or a ‘good person’ here? Who do you play?

Well, we are all good people, for the most part. However, good people are not necessarily good in bed! My character is Norah. She is a long-term relationship kind of girl, and I think she is definitely quite relatable to many women in relationships. She is very protective of her man and puts the relationship first, but tries (a bit too hard) to keep him in line. That’s definitely where the comedy comes in!

Q: We’ll be brave and ask if the character is anything like you?

I think that as an actress, I tend to look for similarities to myself when I first get the script. I definitely found many similarities that I connected with right away, and it’s such a blast when you find character traits that differ tremendously from yourself. That’s where the fun begins. Norah definitely has traits that I have to clarify are nothing at all like me, or my dating life would be over for good!

Q: What’s the status on the show? When will it air?

The show is currently in post-production, and will premiere on YouTube in late spring or early summer, I believe. Definitely subscribe to Scene Girls TV on YouTube to stay updated. You’ll be able to watch the entire show there after it premieres, and you can also find a comedic web series we shot last spring there, called March Moms.

Q: Some web series eventually spawn feature films – do you think this has the potential to be a movie?

That would be amazing! Of course, I definitely think that the show would make an amazing movie! It would certainly be hilarious. The show is written more along the lines of network television, I think, but I think the sky is the limit with this project’s potential.


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