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Tyler Callaway

(Warning - some pictures in this post will contain explicit language)

I was browsing the internet today and I just kept finding these Batman memes that I could not help but laugh at. I figured why not compile all the memes I could find and put them together for some amusement.

Hope you enjoy!

Damn Supes!

It's not a lie...

Sorry Barry...Sorry J'onn

Being Batman comes with a price

Batman goes HAM

Damn straight

I would be more afraid of Alfred

You would think Bruce Wayne would donate a little money eventually

Everyone want's Batman

Nobody did

Holy eye balls!

That's scary when you really think about it

Raunchy but funny

Poor guy

Really Val? Even Adam West didn't get fat


Dat ain't gonna work Ollie

Oh shit!


Hope you got at least one good laugh. Tell me what you thought in the comments and thank you for reading!


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