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John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher, Jr. stars in a movie everyone's talking about.

10 Cloverfield Lane's title makes you think that this movie is a direct sequel to ''Cloverfield'', a 2008 found-footage disaster movie about an alien invader on the streets of New York, you're on the wrong track baby. But not completely wrong.

This suspenseful thriller debut for Dan Trachtenberg and his screenwriters, Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken, two genius guys behind the story of a Best Picture nominee, ''Whiplash'' seems to have come out of nowhere. J.J Abrams credited here as a producer and the director of first Cloverfield, Matt Reeves is listed as one of the executive producers along with writer Goddard and producer Bryan Burk.

Bad Robot has introduced the filming under the title, Valencia. The production company has been keeping the movie in public. Why? That's part of the surprises baby, but we haven't even started yet. What I'm about to tell you is something you wouldn't let anyone to tell you about till you see it yourself. So back off spoilers.

The first scene started in New Orleans, about an emotionally distraught woman played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in her breathtaking and dynamite acting as Michelle who drives to Louisiana to get away from her boyfriend . Along the way, Bear McCreary's score plays which rises to a pitch of shrieking intensity when something bad is going to happen. His pulsating score doesn't stop till you get trapped into the claustrophobic universe of 10 Cloverfield Lane which doesn't give fake excitement.

We first met Harold in Louisiana played by the superb John Goodman who introduces himself as a former US Navy and a survivalist of the world's end. Howard spent years to set up an underground bunker 40 feet underneath his house. He says, they've been attacked. All people died. The air outside is contaminated. So going out isn't the smartest option to survive. Most of the film took place in the underground bunker but how'd Michelle get there? Not so fast, my dear.

The third person of the bunker is Emmett played but the brilliant John Gallagher, Jr. A person who believes Howard about the attack going on above. The three scores an knockout by their performances here. Do you think Howard is telling the truth about what's outside? You'll know what I mean when you see this film.

10 Cloverfield Lane if filled with suspenseful and pulse-pounding sequences. It leaves you regretful and devastated but it grabs you as if you were part of the movie and fires your nerves by its spectacle. It is truly one of the best movies of 2016 by far.


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