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It seems now a days all anybody hears at least once a day is news regarding Batman V Superman. There is either news about it being a flop or people defending it and others trashing it more. The film was set to be a huge blockbuster, a sort of grand scale event that compared to the likes of Star Wars return last year. I will give the film credit for being having the biggest box office opening of any superhero film but that does not make it the highest grossing overall. It seems it might not even beat out its predecessor Man of Steel.

It is truly a heartbreaking news story to hear that Batman V Superman would make far less in profits than Man Of Steel did. We want this film to be a grand spectavle and dominate the box office to see more being done in the DCEU. It seems though it didn't even do good enough to dominate its last film which just had Superman. The report comes from Bloomberg who did regard the film as a success but had this to say

Batman v Superman, one of the most expensive films ever made, is on pace to produce a $278 million profit for Warner Bros. once home video, TV and merchandise proceeds are tallied, according to SNL Kagan analyst Wade Holden. That’s less than the estimated $300 million the studio earned from Man Of Steel.

I mean for a movie with both Batman and Superman you would think this movie would make well over the amount Man Of Steel did. The problem the movie did have was the harsh criticism and backlash over the quality of the film. It succeeded with hardcore fans and people who just loved Batman but overall it fell flat after its opening. It seems now the DCEU needs to find a different way to their movies in order to become the powerhouse they are able to become.

It seems that DC and Warner Bros are taking this criticism and making changes to the their films now. The talk of re shoots for Suicide Squad, Justice League being much more light, Aquaman also being more humorous, and then the two new mystery films in the works are all indicators that they are listening. I really hope DC is successful with their upcoming movies because I want to see their universe expand so much more. We will see exactly if any of this will be different once Suicide Squad comes into the DCEU later this year.


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