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(text copied from mythmacabre on instagram) From movie "She butterfly" from 1973. Plot takes place in Yugoslavia, today's Serbia, directed by Djordje Kadijevic. I really liked it because it is very artistic, simple and breathes out folkore, Europe, in fact Eastern Europe, that nature and way of living in basically uncivilised village. I suppose it is a (very) low budget. Duration is around 60 minutes. However it is based on story about Serbian vampire Sava Savanovic which is real, if I can say so. So, myth existed for quiet a while and it is really interesting so i might write about it. A myth was engraved in a book by Milovan Glisic and later turned into a movie. However, plot doesn't talk about life of Sava Savanovic, the vampire, but of people from his village who lived after him and how he gives them a lot of trouble. Real vampire mythology is shown and those who like old fashioned vampires, especially those who really liked Nosferatu will enjoy it. You can find it on youtube.

"She butterfly", movie by Đorđe Kadijević (1973)
"She butterfly", movie by Đorđe Kadijević (1973)

P.S. one of the comments for a movie was "a movie after which dracula sleepa with light on in his coffin".

Not that scarry though.

now, the story about Sava Savanovic.

Image which shows how villagers described Sava.
Image which shows how villagers described Sava.

I was writing about the differences between vampires we know about today, the way we see them, how we think they would be like if they existed and how they are described in myths. I really like the 'real' image of vampires; they are in one way not well defined creatures, in another very specifically determinated specie. However, I like writing about them because both images are frightening, especially versions we visualise from reading or hearing what they were like in old stories. But I refer to really old stories.

gif I found few days ago. author unknown :(
gif I found few days ago. author unknown :(

However, the story of Sava is, at least to me, very amusing, mostly because it's nothing epic. END THE IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS SET BY THE MEDIA! ALL VAMPIRES ARE BEAUTIFUL!


a vampire whose reign lasted for horrifying 99 years.

Sava Savanovic from Serbia was known as merchant. he was respected and rich.

he was tall and strong, but he hasn't gotten married for many years. soon he fell in love with young daughter of another merchant. he didn't let Sava marry her because he was too old for her. he couldn't take the refusal and he became unbearable for all those who surrounded him. people started avoiding him and after a while he decided to kill the girl. his brother supposed what was to happen and followed him all the way to a field near her home. sava waited for her to approach along with her sheep. he appeared and asked her if she would go with him back to his home and she replied that her father wouldn't let her. furious, he shot the girl in her back. as she fell on the ground dead, his brother ran out from bushes and after few minutes of wrestling two shepherds appeared. sava's brother ran away in fear and they shot him thinking he is a burglar. Sava was now even more mad and angry so intended to attack shepherds,but they fought him to his death. it was known he killed the girl, they prepared him a hole in the field on which he was killed. as he didn't get a proper grave, he became a vampire and villagers started talking about how they have seen him and how they should chop his head off and stick a stake through his heart, but his brother's wife didn't want them to interfere his eternal peace. she replaced the body in a water mill which was far from the previous grave, in deep, dark forest. very soon after her deed villagers started dying while they attempted to use the mill.

around 200 years after , a movie inspired by the story of Sava was created. when a vampire was stabbed through the coffin, people were garthered around and waited for the butterfly to fly out and kill it, as it was thought that vampires can become moths, rats, dogs or mosquitoes.

what is interesting is that people are still afraid of him! in fact, they refure to speak of him or mention his name at all. it may seem strange, and I know it sounds freaky and dull to people who live in cities their whole lives, I do understand. Even if he never existed as a vampire, at least legend of him even now lives on.


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