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Now that I’ve seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s time to give you my thoughts on the movie! This isn’t really a review, but more of a ramble/discussion. I won’t give this movie a score, because I feel like I don’t know enough about movies in general to give it a fair score. So onto my thoughts! And you should probably see the movie before you read it, because there are a LOT of spoilers.


First thing’s first, the opening, which was pretty good. I’m glad they didn’t spend that much time telling us that Bruce’s parents are dead, because everybody knows that. But, even though it did trim off a lot of unnecessary stuff, it felt kinda slow. But anyway, as a lot of reviews have said, Ben Affleck was a really good Batman! He was stone-cold until.. [Another SPOILER WARNING, just in case. TURN BACK NOW.].. he spared Superman after saying he was trying to save his mom (More on that later..). Henry Cavill as Superman was as good as before, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was pretty good also, Jeremy Irons as Alfred was pretty awesome (I liked that he wasn’t so formal and cartoony), and most of the smaller side characters/returning Man of Steel characters were great. But then there’s Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He was…. not so good. I know he was suppose to be insane, but he was just a little too jittery, which made him feel fake. Jesse Eisenberg was trying a little too hard.. but, he did really make me hate the character because he was such a cocky, douchey prick, which is good. The only other big character (literally) here is Doomsday which… hmm.. um… was.. kinda cool? I liked him as a villain, but I feel like he didn’t belong in this particular movie. He felt kinda phoned in, but I guess he couldn’t ever be a standalone villain in his own movie because he doesn’t have enough character. So, I’ll let him slide.

Now, I’ll just go over some notable scenes throughout the movie. The second scene where Bruce Wayne is in Metropolis during the Man of Steel fight was incredible!!!!! It gave a new perspective to the fight, and was probably my favorite scene in the movie!!!!!! The scenes in Gotham where Batman was fighting crime was super awesome, it felt like classic Batman!.. aaaaand already, I’m starting to blank about what scenes went where, so it’s rapid-fire no-order time! The party at Lex Luthor’s mansion or whatever was kinda awkward, but fine. But, that hand shake moment that was also in the trailer was really, really cringe-y. The courthouse explosion scene was actually really cool, and I didn’t really see it coming! It alluded to that awkward talk between Lex and that senator lady, and even though that talk was pretty bad, it came full-circle in an amazing way! The Superman and Lois Lane scenes were kinda uncomfortable, especially the bathtub one. That’s just not practical, man! Just take off your clothes if you want to do that bro! Don’t get that fancy shirt all ruined my boy! The chase scene was pretty cool, but, wow, I didn’t know Batman killed people! I was like this after he killed all of those guys:

I was always under the assumption that he never kills, and I really don’t like that he does in this movie.. But then there were the dream sequences. Da fuck were those?He woke up after that weird desert one (which, speaking of- what the hell was that? I don't read comics, so I had no idea what that was), and then he woke up again? It was really hard to tell what was going on, and if it was really happening or not. It made the movie really disjointed, and it was probably really hard for most people to even comprehend what was going on, myself included.

So most of the Justice League was teased at during that one scene, and some were ok, some were lame. Wonder Woman was cool, but maybe a bit too mysterious. Cyborg was cool, nothing wrong there. The Flash was… hmph. When he showed up in the dream, he costume was freaking lame!!!! He couldn't even see! But, as fellow Creator AntMan3000 told me, that’s just a time travel suit or something, so I guess I’ll let that slide. Other then that, he’s fine. And Aquaman was also kinda lame. He looked cool, but all he did was float out of a ship and punch a guy or something! Was that suppose to be cool? And I seriously thought Aquaman was going to save Lois Lane when she was trapped underwater. It made perfect sense! But nope, Superman flies over and saves her. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Ok, let’s move on! The scenes with Superman obsessing over Batman and Batman obsessing over Superman were really cool, and it really grew the hype towards the final battle!!! I really liked it when Batman said he was going to go hunting for Superman, it just sent a chill down my spine! And so, the final battle. The final battle between Batman and Superman itself was AMAZING, but way too short. That was also the first time I noticed some bad effects. There was this one shot where Batman was standing up, and he looked.. off. Anyway, after all that buildup, I was expecting more. And I also really liked it when Lex told Superman that he had his mom, because I could just see how pissed he got, which was an ‘OOOOOHHHHHHH’ moment! But, the fact that Lex used him mom as bait was stupid. Superman can go as fast as The Flash, right? Why didn’t he just take the button or whatever and kill him? Dumb. And also, the resolution to the fight was.. ok. As fellow Creator AntMan3000 told me, it was a representation that Superman was like any guy, and so Batman spared him. The way they went about it wasn't the best, but it got the job done. And then the Doomsday fight felt unnecessarily intense. It was cool to see Wonder Woman in action, but Batman didn’t do shit! And why does Superman have to stab him with the Kryptonite spear? (Mind you, after being ‘killed’ by a fucking nuke, which didn’t really do anything at all. Literally pointless.) Give it to Wonder Woman or something, you selfish prick! Oh great, he dies again! PSYCHE! Gotcha again!! So, Superman dies TWICE in this movie, and both times he comes back to life! What a stupid way to try to create emotion!

So, in short, Batman V Superman is a really fun movie! Both heroes are great in their roles, but the final resolution between them was so stupid! The fight scenes were spectacular, but the villains are kinda dumb, even if they have their own redeeming factors that make them passable. The Justice League they set up is looking pretty rad, but WHERE THE HELL IS GREEN LANTERN?!?! DA HELL?!? ARE THEY THAT SCARED TO TOUCH HIM AFTER HIS LAST MOVIE?!? HE’S MY FAVORITE MEMBER, HE’S GOTTA BE HERE! But, missing green heroes aside, this is a pretty good movie! The best? Naw man, naw. Man of Steel was better.


What did YOU think of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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