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Being a fan of quirky indie films, I was very interested in checking out the Max Landis penned, Paco Cabezas directed "Mr. Right." I was not looking forward to it for the director, as he has mostly done some pretty terribly reviewed direct-to-disc films, but for the likes of Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick as two leads. I must address that I am one of the people who defend almost every film that is written by Max Landis, even if it is a sub par film. I acknowledge the fact that most of his scripts have issues and that critics seem to bash every film he writes from the second it leaves the page and is translated to the big screen. Aside from "Chronicle," which will probably forever be his best script, this is the one that I have enjoyed from him the most.

"Mr. Right" follows Martha as she discovers that her boyfriend had been cheating on her for a while. The way that is shown in the film is very odd and humorous, which sets the tone for the rest of the film. Running into "Mr. Right," personified perfectly by Sam Rockwell, they begin to have this offbeat connection that will either put a smile on your face or will just flat out turn you off. It is a very odd film to begin with, so once you begin to understand where the film is going, if you do not find yourself enjoying it, I will say that it does not get any better from there. I personally had a blast watching their chemistry. "Mr. Right" is a hitman-for-hire but Martha does not know this at first. She slowly begins to find out and quirkiness ensues until the film becomes a balls out crazy comedic action flick.

The biggest issue this film faces is that the main focus is almost too basic for a feature length film. Guy meets girl and she slowly learns his ways into joining him as a killer. There are subplots with Martha's roommate, whom hates this "Mr. Right" guy, which never get's resolved, and I felt it needed to be, as they were best friends after all. Those are my biggest problems with the film though. It definitely strives to be an indie film, as the offbeat dialogue and slow-paced tone does beam through the screen.

Almost everything that Sam Rockwell is in, whether or not it is good or bad, is always elevated by his performance, and I truly believe that this film benefitted from that in a very big way. His charm is so likeable and when you place an actress as lovable as Anna Kendrick as his love interest, smiles can definitely be had by any viewer. To end this, the big warning I must stress if you do intend on watching this film, is that the comedy comes through the actors' line delivery and the callbacks to earlier scenes for the most part. It is a very character-driven film that has a very offbeat tone. Overall, "Mr. Right" is a solid rental that has some very likeable characters and some fun scenes. Enjoyable, but ultimately skippable for the average moviegoer.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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