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Before we get started, I wanted to mention that this is a reupload of my original upload about Gravity Falls because on the original one there were errors on it so I am reuploading it with the same stuff but fixed errors and also added stuff. Anyways lets get started


Anyways, Gravity Falls has been the best comedy/mystery show from 2012-2016. There have been MANY secrets and mysteries through out the entire series, even the shorts. So I am going to tell you everything I know about the secrets of Gravity Falls from Tourist Trapped to Weirdmageddon Part 3. Lets get started!

1. Dipper's real name

People have always wondered what Dipper's real name was since in Double Dipper, it was revealed that Dipper was a nickname due to his Big Dipper birthmark on his forehead. Now in the Gravity Falls: Between the Pines special, Alex Hirsch sated that Mabel and Dipper's names are related. So it may be Gabe or Gabel but it is not yet confirmed to be any of those names.

2. The Cipher Wheel

The Cipher Wheel appears after the theme song of every episode including Weirdmageddon Part 1, 2 and 3 except Bill is ripped of the wheel. People have figured out some of the symbols like the Pine Tree representing Dipper and the shooting star representing Mabel. Here is correct list of the Cipher Wheel:

•Pine Tree: Dipper

•Shooting Star: Mabel

•Llama: Pacifica

•6-Fingered Hand: Ford

•Crescent Thing: Stan

•Question Mark: Soos

•Glasses: McGucket

•Star: Gideon

•Ice: Wendy

•Stitched Heart: Robby

And by Stan's symbol on the Cipher Wheel there is a code that decodes to "Stan is not what he seems"

3. Everything was plannned from the start

Gravity Falls was stated by Alex Hirsch, that the entire series of Gravoty Falls was entirely planned from the start. But in Dream Scappers, it was shown that Stan wore glasses as a kid but in Tales of Two Stans it was should that Stan didn't wear in glasses but Ford did. This is actually a bigger deal than it seems.

4. Bill Cipher's last words

In the second have of Weirdmageddon Part 3, when Bill is about to be erased in Stan's mind, he says something that sounds like gibberish. But when played in reverse, he says "A-X-O-L-O-T-L. MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN" This means the Bill Cipher may return. And A-X-O-L-O-T-L is a regenerating lizard-like creature. Also at the end of the main theme song, there is supposed to be a backwards whisper. But in the Weirdmageddon version, instead of a whisper its Bill saying in reverse "Im watching you nerds."

5. Theme song mystery

Like I just said, there is a whisper at the end of the theme song for every episode including Weirdmageddon except those whispers have nothing to do with the cryptogram at the end of the Weirdmageddon credits and the whisper is not what he seems in Not What He Seems. All the whispers include: 3 letters back, Switch A and Z, 26 letters (relating to A1Z26) and Key Vigenère. Also on the watertower in the weirdmageddon version of the theme song, the watertower flashes and says "JUDYLWB IDOOV" which translates to "GRAVITY FALLS".

6. Character death

In season 2, Alex Hirsch said that a character would die in season two but there is a picture flash at the end of Weirdmageddon Part 1 that has a picture of bill and cryptogram that decodes to "GAME IS OVER, AND I WON. NOW IT'S TIME TO START THE FUN. I ALWAYS LOVE CORRUPTING LIVES. NOW LET'S SEE WHICH PINES SURVIVES." However, none of the Pines died but Stan had his mind erased to defeat Bill but later it was restored and the only character that died in season 2 was the mayor of Gravity Falls who possibly started WW1.

7. Is Bill still alive?

We all saw Bill get erased in Stan's mind along with Stan's mind. But we also saw Stan's mind restored, so doesnt that mean that Bill was unerased? Remember that in the end of Weirdmageddon Part 3, we saw that Stan and Ford where going to anomaly near the artic. Also remember Bill wasn't able to leave Gravity Falls in his physical form, but since he was in Stan's mind which was erased then restored he could escape Gravity Falls and go to the anomaly near the artic.

8. The author of the journals

You probably already know this but the author of the journals is......JOHN CENA!!!!! Just kidding it is Stan's brother Ford.

Unsolved mysteries

There were tons mysteries solved throughout the series but there were still mysteries that weren't solved. Here are some of the unsolved mysteries yet to be solved

Dipper's real name, however his real name has probably been thought to be Gabe or Gabel, but Alex Hirsch or any of the crew of Gravity Falls has yet to confirm that Dipper's real name is Gabel, Gabe or any other name.

What happened to Blendin? In Weirdmageddon, after Bill destroyed all of the Time Anomaly Removal Crew, Blendin said that "This has gone from bad to worse" than he just disappears and we have no idea where he went and he is not to be seen again.

What deal did Blendin make will Bill? At the end of Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future the Blendin asks Mabel for the Time Rift (Remember the fact that Mabel didnt know what the rift was) so she can have an endless summer. But then Blendin smashes the rift which turns out he was possed by Bill. It was not speculated how or why Blendin Blandin Blenjamin was possessed.

And trust me there are a LOT of mysteries yet to be solved.

The Gravity Falls crew never forgets

In "Little Dipper" Soos puts on Stan's fez hat and looks in the mirror and says "One day..." and at the end of Weirdmageddon Part 3, Stan tells Soos that he the new owner of the Mystery Shack.

In "The Legend of the Gobblewonker" if you pay attention to the boat Stan rides, the name of the boat reads "Stan O' War". In the episode "Tales of Two Stans" it states that Stan wanted to sail the seas with his brother Ford since they were children on their boat name "Stan O' War".

In "Headless Hunters", when wax Sherlock Holmes strikes the S on the Mystery Shack sign causing the S in "Shack" to fall of, it continues to fall off over and over in almost every episode.

In the same episode in "Headless Hunter" Mabel draws a waffle with buffy arms when trying to make a wax figure. And in Weirdmageddon Part 2, It shows that her guards are waffles with buffy arms.

Basically almost every backwards message

In "Dream Scappers" when Gideon is summoning Bill, he sounds like he is chanting a backwards message. Thats because he literally is, if you play his chant in reverse, he is saying "backwards message" as a backwards message.

In the Gravity Falls short "Tooth" when the island head monster thingy, he sounds like he is saying gibberish but in reverse he is saying "You have awakened my slumber. Enter my mouth, children. Enter your destiny."

In "Tales of Two Stans" after Fiddleford accidentally goes into the portal, when gets out, he says something to Ford that sounds like gibberish but played in reverse he says "YROO XRKSVI! GIRZMTOCV!" Sounds familiar? Thats would what he said in "Society of the Blind Eye" when we find out about Fiddleford's past on day ???

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